Former ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Set To Return to ABC Talk Show

The View Season 25 has seen former co-hosts of the daytime talk show return as guests. Following the exit of Meghan McCain, production has auditioned several conservative voices on the panel. As of now, they have not selected a new co-host. However, ABC just confirmed that several personalities from the past would be making an appearance and fans are excited.

'The View' set with empty chairs and the show's logo in the big screen in the back
‘The View’ set without the co-hosts | ABC/Jenny Anderson

Who is returning to ‘The View’ as a guest co-host?

The week of Jan. 24, The View welcomed back Lisa Ling as a guest co-host. ABC would later confirm that other co-hosts would also join the “Hot Topics” table to continue celebrating the 25th season. Meredith Viera, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Star Jones would hop back into the panel and give their takes on political issues and pop culture.

For Monday, Jan. 31, Mayim Bialik is set to be a guest on the show to talk about Jeopardy! National College Championship. On Tuesday, Feb. 1, Republican pundit Tara Setmayer will guest co-host the same day Charlie Day will appear as a guest.

The following day, Wednesday, Feb. 2, Setmayer will continue to dish on the latest “Hot Topics” with the regular co-hosts. On the latter day, Christian Siriano from Project Runway is set to guest star as well as Mark Cuban from Shark Tank.

Thursday, Feb. 3 will see Setmayer return as a guest co-host. It will be until Friday, Feb. 4 when the iconic and OG co-host, Star Jones, joins the panel on a Day of Hot Topics. Jones will not only give her takes on the latest political news, but she will be promoting her new show Divorce Court.

As of now, ABC has not confirmed the exact dates of when Viera and Hasselbeck will appear on the show.

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‘The View’ is not looking to have co-hosts fight

During McCain’s tenure on The View, the show was known for its explosive debates that ended up making viral moments. However, producer Brian Teta, said in an interview that they are not looking for a replacement co-host that will fight with the rest of the panel.

“We’re going to look for people that can hang at this table with these strong women and bring an opposing view that is also a good conversation and has chemistry with the rest of them,” Teta told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, we’re not looking for fights — we never are. We just want people to have a lively, spirited debate. The show is about different views and showing all sides of every issue and that’s what we’re looking for.”

Joy Behar said that they “don’t like to be personal with each other” when they are debating hard topics and advises that “Whoever comes in will have to know that, otherwise it won’t work.”

In a separate interview with USA Today, Behar said that she doesn’t “think that it serves the brand” of the show when the co-hosts feud.

“I think that we lose something when we’re too serious and when we’re fighting politically,” she added. The ratings may be good. Sometimes they’re good when we’re fighting, sometimes they’re not.”

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