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The Duggar family is known the world over for their religious beliefs and modest living. While the clan is famed for their wholesome lifestyle, some of their rules are downright suffocating. There is a lengthy list of things that the Duggar kids are not allowed to do as long as they live under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. We’ve gathered just four of the family’s modesty rules, but remember, there are several more that all of the kids are expected to adhere to.

The Duggar kids have limited access to television and tabloids

While the Duggars became famous because of television, the family avoids it at all costs. The Duggar kids who still live at home are heavily monitored when using the internet, and they are not allowed to watch traditional television. Josiah Duggar explained in an episode of Counting On that the family had strict rules about what films and TV the kids could watch. Josiah and the other Duggar children were allowed to watch some movies, but they had to adhere to strict guidelines.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar
(Photo by Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Not all the Duggars are adhering to the same rules, though. Both Jill and Jessa seem to utilize traditional television to keep their kids occupied, and Jeremy Vuolo admitted that his favorite movie is A Beautiful Mind. The film most certainly doesn’t make it onto the Duggar’s approved content list.

The Duggar kids are prohibited from dancing

Jill Duggar, now 27, explained in an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, that the family prohibits dancing as a general rule. According to the Duggars, modern music is too sexual and impure, and dancing could lead to sexual desires. The prohibition of dancing allows the Duggars to further stifle their sexual desires, according to E!.

Funnily enough, Jill’s husband Derick Dillard was caught busting a move at a dance party. The controversial Duggar spouse even posted a video to his Instagram feed of a dance party. Considering the family’s strict rules on modern music the video took fans by surprise.

Modesty swimwear is a must for the Duggar kids

A beach vacation is always fun. While most families wear swim trunks and bathing suits to enjoy the water, the Duggar family has strict apparel requirements at the beach. The entire family is expected to wear modesty swimwear. The swim apparel covers the female Duggars from their necks down to their knees. The ill-fitting swim garb is intended to cover the body almost entirely, according to In Touch.  

The Duggar boys don’t get away with traditional swimwear either. The male Duggars are not allowed to expose their torsos, so a tee-shirt or wetsuit top must be worn at all times, as well. While it might not be comfortable for a summer swim, the family sure is protecting themselves from the sun, at the very least.

The Duggars can’t spend time with unwed mothers

This strange rule took fans by surprise because Jim Bob’s sister was an unwed mother herself, but the Duggar kids aren’t allowed to spend any time with unwed mothers. The Duggar’s famous cousin, Amy, confirmed that she was born out of wedlock, according to Us Magazine, but the Duggar’s are standing firm on their decision. In fact, Jill Dillard was banned from helping an unwed mother give birth back in 2013.

The pregnant woman in question was a close family friend, too. Susannah Keller, Anna Duggar’s sister, was set to give birth to her first child, but Jill was not allowed to attend the birth or even dole out advice, according to The Daily Mail.