Frank Sinatra Is Being Accused of Inappropriate Behavior PostHumously

Frank Sinatra is one of the legendary American performers of the 20th century. The Oscar-winning actor, singer, and performer sold over 150 million records, was the friend and guest of US presidents, and starred in (and directed) several major films. Although he died in 1998, his achievements — and his many scandals and public outbursts — are still remembered. Read on to learn more about how Frank Sinatra is being accused of inappropriate behavior posthumously.

Who was Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra performs at The Universal Amphitheatre on July 6, 1980.
Frank Sinatra |Joan Adlen/Getty Images

Sinatra was born to working-class Italian immigrants in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1915. His mother was a midwife who supposedly performed illegal abortions, while his father was a policeman with direct family ties to an Italian crime family. His parents became tavern owners in 1920, successfully selling alcohol during Prohibition due to their political connections. 

The high school dropout became a teenybopper idol in the 40s and soared to stardom. The performer’s popularity took a plunge in the 50s, but his career continued to experience periods of success in the 60s, 70s, and beyond. The performer died in 1998.

What is the accusation against Frank Sinatra?

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Harry Connick, Jr. publicly commented in 2011 about Sinatra’s inappropriate behavior with Connick’s wife, Jill Goodacre, when he performed in front of Sinatra in 1994. Connick intended to impress the legend, but his nerves got the best of him and he froze up.

After the performance, Connick and Goodacre, who was his girlfriend at the time, ran into Sinatra at the elevator. Connick apologized for his performance and told the legendary performer that he could have done a lot better.

Instead of responding, Sinatra ignored him. Instead, he took Connick’s wife’s face in his hands, kissed her, and left. 

Other accusations and scandals involving Frank Sinatra

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Many incidents of Sinatra’s inappropriate behaviors are already well known. However, after Sinatra’s death in 1998, biographies, his FBI file, and other reports of his inappropriate behaviors have been released.

In the late thirties, Sinatra got arrested for seduction, a charge that would occur back then when a man convinced a ‘single,’ ‘chaste’ woman of good repute to sleep with him. The arrest produced the infamous mugshot of the young Sinatra. The charge was dropped and he was instead charged with adultery when it became known that the woman in question was already married. 

While still married to his wife Nancy, Sinatra had a famous love affair with Ava Gardner. With news of the affair with Gardner came out, much of the public was less than sympathetic for the performer, whose career was already in decline.

He would soon be divorced from Nancy and marry Gardner. Both he and Gardner carried on affairs throughout their marriage, which ended in divorce. His eventual marriage to Mia Farrow would also end in divorce. 

In 1967, Sinatra was accustomed to running a credit at the Sands Hotel and Casino where he performed. However, billionaire and Sands owner Howard Hughes gave orders for his hotel manager, Carl Cohen, to deny Sinatra more credit because he owed over $200,000 to the casino. A drunken Sinatra confronted Cohen while the casino manager was having an early breakfast, knocking over his table. Cohen became famous for punching Sinatra in the mouth and knocking out his caps. 

Sinatra’s mercurial nature and his violent temper, coupled with heavy drinking and a tendency for womanizing, gave him a life-long reputation for inappropriate behaviors. Nonetheless, Sinatra’s talents and achievements are undeniable, and he remains one of the most influential entertainers of the 20th century.