Was a ‘Free Guy’ Sequel Confirmed?

Movies have taken off this year and cleared the runway for sequels. Ryan Reynolds’ newest film, Free Guy, hit theaters on Aug. 13, 2021, and video game fans are intrigued. Guy’s seemingly perfect life as a bank teller is upended by one woman inserted in the game; he wasn’t aware that he is living in an open-world game. Now, the non-playable character has to race against time to ensure his world is saved.

Since the idea of a sequel is a commonality, a second Cruella flick was confirmed in August 2021. Viewers wondered whether Disney would do the same for Free Guy. Rumors of a sequel have surfaced online, but fans speculate whether it’s true or not.

Ryan Reynolds waving at premiere
Ryan Reynolds attends the ‘Free Guy’ New York Premiere | Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Details about ‘Free Guy’

After discovering that he is a background character in an open-world video game, Guy decides to rewrite his story. The bank teller learns that the game’s programmer will permanently shut it down. So, Guy tries to be the hero of Free City.

The character wonders if there’s anything more to life outside of this one. The action-packed film takes viewers on an interactive ride from Guy’s point of view.

The production fell under Disney’s wing when it acquired 20th Century Studios. Due to the acquisition, fans want to know if Free Guy will stream on Disney+ at some point. However, streaming information has not been confirmed yet by Disney. The only known detail is that the movie will stream on one of Disney’s platforms, such as Hulu.

Disney didn’t confirm the sequel, but a cast member did

Fans who enjoyed the comical action movie will be psyched at the latest news–Free Guy will have a sequel. Details about the plot, other characters, and the release year have not been revealed or decided yet.

The exciting news was uncovered by none other than the film’s lead actor, Reynolds. The Proposal actor took to Twitter on Aug. 14, 2021, to deliver the exciting news. Reynolds teased that if the sequel “isn’t called ‘Albuquerque Boiled Turkey, we’ve failed.”

Although the actor said Disney confirmed it, reports show that he was the first to announce it publicly. However, director Shawn Levy retweeted Reynold’s post confirming the sequel is a “go.”

In an interview with Collider, Reynolds commented about the film. “You might be shocked to know just how many utterly crazy easter eggs and cameos are in this movie…I think when you make a movie that we were just talking about that’s original and new and not based on anything that audiences previously knew…you then have to make it 30% better, like somehow.”

Sequels have become a huge trend

If the film industry is remembered for one thing in 2021, it will be all the sequels. Hollywood has not hesitated with pumping out second, third, and fourth installments. As long as box office numbers (and streaming numbers) are decent, sequel projects are a strong selling point for successful franchises.

Horror fans recall that the John Krasinski-directed A Quiet Place Part II premiered in theaters on May 28, the same day as the Disney live-action Cruella hit the big screen. Both films garnered positive reviews and became the stepping stones to sequels. Talks about the third installment for A Quiet Place circulated online, while Emma Stone signed onto a Cruella sequel.

Another highly anticipated sequel is Halloween Kills. Set for an Oct. 15, 2021 release date, the horror installment brings Michael Myers back slashing through Haddonfield.

Amidst the news of sequels, some aren’t surprised that Disney will add another Free Guy to its future lineup.

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