Friend Of Tupac Shakur Says Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Called Shakur Her “Soulmate”

The close friendship between Tupac Shakur and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes has been well-documented. The similarities between the two were undeniable: both were creative forces constantly in search of their spiritual purpose, yet had rebellious tendencies. The energy between the two was so dynamic that there was a love triangle of sorts that also involved Left Eye’s longtime partner, Andre Rison. Fellow rapper, E.D.I. Mean recently revealed that Left Eye considered Shakur to be her soulmate.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Tupac Shakur
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Tupac Shakur via Twitter

The friendship between Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Tupac Shakur

Left Eye met Shakur met at an event at the beginning of both of their careers in 1991 and instantly clicked. She was immediately attracted to Shakur, as was he, but their relationship never progressed to anything romantic as Shakur was turned off by Left Eye when he assumed that she was intimate with one of his close friends. They became estranged for some time. 

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While not on speaking terms with Shakur, Left Eye began dating football star, Andre Rison, who was actually a friend to Shakur and knew him prior to meeting Let Eye. But Rison and Left Eye’s relationship was tumultuous and after setting his Atlanta mansion on fire, she was sentenced to serve time in a diversion center. Rison’s visits to Left Eye were infrequent and it took a toll on her, leaving her feeling abandoned.

After Left Eye’s release, she rekindled her friendship with Shakur, and according to friends’ accounts on the Lifetime docuseries Hopelessly In Love, her romantic feelings for Shakur developed even deeper.

But, she remained in a relationship with Rison, who grew increasingly suspicious of her friendship with Shakur. She denied that they were more than friends but Rison had his doubts, even after Shakur’s death in 1996.

E.D.I. Mean said Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes called Tupac Shakur her “soulmate

When Left Eye decided to embark on her solo career, she signed to the infamous Death Row Records to declare her independence from TLC. E.D.I. Mean was signed to the label at the same time as Shakur and was familiar with Shakur and Left Eye’s relationship. To him, the attraction between Left Eye and Shakur was inevitable because they are both Geminis and have similar personalities.

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“Pac and Left Eye had a special friendship, they did. I’ve always heard that Left Eye was a firecracker herself, another Gemini,” he told Vlad TV in a recent interview. “Everybody that I know always said they could see why they were attracted to each other because they were kind of like two peas in a pod and Left Eye spoke about Pac publicly and said that she felt like he was her soul mate.”

Others in the Hopelessly In Love series corroborated E.D.I. Mean’s claims. “It was a strange love story because she and Pac never slept together and she and Andre were in a full-fledged relationship,” said Left Eye’s best friend Trena Smith. “Andre had her heart and Tupac had her soul.”

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and Andre Rison
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison via Twitter

Left Eye’s cousin, Tangi Foreman, expressed that Left Eye would have jumped at the chance to be with Shakur. “Lisa adored Tupac. If Tupac wanted to go there, she would have dated Tupac.”

Left Eye died six years after Shakur in a car crash in Honduras.