‘Friends’: 10 Best Ross And Rachel Episodes To Watch Before It Leaves Netflix

Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) romance was a large part of why Friends was successful, not to mention relatable to the audience. The couple experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years before finally realizing they belong together in the series finale. Here are the 10 best Friends‘ episodes to watch that feature Ross and Rachel before the beloved sitcom leaves Netflix.

Friends' stars David Schwimmer (Ross) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)
‘Friends’ stars David Schwimmer (Ross) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) | Photo by Robert Isenberg/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

1. The One Where Rachel Finds Out (Season 1, Episode 24)

Ross spends the first 23 episodes of Friends longing for Rachel, who finds out about his love in the Season 1 finale. After consulting with Phoebe and Monica, Rachel discovers that she has feelings for Ross as well. The revelation starts Rachel and Ross’s journey together, though they would not reach the finish line until the very end of the show.

2. The One with the Prom Video (Season 2, Episode 14)

There are a lot of great Ross and Rachel moments in season 2, but episode 14 takes the cake. In this one, Rachel learns that Ross wanted to ask her to prom when they were seniors in high school after her date bailed out. After Ross got ready for the big night, however, Rachel’s date showed up and she was none the wiser. Moved by what Ross did, Rachel kisses him for having her back.

3. The One with the Morning After (Season 3, Episode 16)

This episode is a real tear-jerker and comes right after Ross and Rachel decide to take a break. Ross, of course, is unsure about the status of their relationship and in this episode, they finally call it quits. Although they would eventually get back together, this installment is still difficult to watch.

4. The One with Chandler in a Box (Season 4, Episode 8)

This episode also follows Ross and Rachel’s breakup and features the former questioning if Rachel feels anything about their split. In order to prove Ross wrong, Rachel shows him a box of all the items she saved from their relationship, illustrating how much she cared about him. Ross would go on to date Emily and almost tied the knot with her in London before realizing Rachel is the one he really wants to marry.

5. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS (Season 5, Episode 4)

Season 5 is pretty much devoid of any Ross and Rachel action because he is preoccupied with getting Emily back. But in this episode, Ross struggles with the idea of either giving up on his marriage or never spending time with Rachel ever again. Ross experienced an emotional ride in Season 5, but we all know what he chose in the end.

6. The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel (Season 6, Episode 2)

This installment picks up a few days following Ross and Rachel’s Las Vegas wedding. While Ross told Rachel that he got an annulment, he legally stayed married to her. Ross makes it seem like he did not file the annulment because he was ashamed of failing in marriage yet again, but his hug with Rachel proves that he actually loves her.

7. The One with Monica’s Thunder (Season 7, Episode 1)

There are few romantic moments between Ross and Rachel in season 7. Thankfully, season 8 features more than enough scenes for the pair, but the season opener is probably the best you will find in season 7. In this one, Ross and Rachel almost reconcile for a night, which is a sign of things to come.

8. The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (Season 8, Episode 23)

Season 8 features plenty of Ross and Rachel moments, making it difficult to narrow down the best one. In this episode, Rachel finally delivers Emma and fans are left wondering if Ross will pop the big question or not.

9. The One Where Monica Sings (Season 9, Episode 13)

Ross and Rachel experience some rocky times yet again in season 9. Although they have grown closer over Emma, parenting and living under the same roof has created a stressful environment for both parties. This episode sees the two coming to a breaking point and Rachel ultimately decides to move in with Joey.

10. The Last One (Season 10, Episode 17)

The series finale of Friends is not one we will ever forget. Not only did it wrap up storylines for most of the main characters, but we finally got to see Ross and Rachel realize they are the perfect match for each other. And Rachel’s decision to get off the airplane could not have come any sooner.