‘Friends’: 3 Times Joey Tribbiani Gave His Pals Awful Relationship Advice

Joey Tribbiani was overall a sweet and well-meaning guy. The Friends character endeared himself to fans during the show’s 10-season run and is often considered a fan favorite. Still, he had some bad qualities. Joey was, by far, the worst friend to go to for relationship advice. Over the years, Joey doled out a lot of advice that was just terrible, but do you remember the worst relationship suggestions he made to the people around him? We do. 

Joey Tribbiani advised Ross to use powder and lotion to get his leather pants back on during an iconic ‘Friends’ scene 

In one of the most iconic scenes from Friends‘ 10-season run, Ross found himself in a bit of a bind. A pair of tight leather pants had shrunk so badly from sweat that he couldn’t get them back on. Ross, terrified of ruining his budding relationship, locked himself in the bathroom. Joey suggested powder might help him pull the pants back on. When that didn’t work, he told him to use lotion. Together, the two products created a white paste that was impossible to hide, and the pants still wouldn’t rise past his knees. 

One could forgive Joey’s powder and lotion suggestions quickly. Alone, the two ideas seemed logical. The truly bad advice moment came when Joey suggested Ross could make a pair of “paste pants” to fool his date into thinking he still had his leather pants on. Joey made the situation worse by hanging up on Ross without helping him resolve the problem. Ross ended up leaving his date without his pants on, and that’s the last fans saw of that girl. 

Joey Tribbiani gave Chandler terrible birthday gift advice 

Joey was never a huge fan of Chandler Bing’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Janice, but when he caught her kissing her ex-husband, he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to tell Chandler what he saw, but he also had difficulty hiding his feelings. Chandler, oblivious to what had transpired, asked Joey for some gift-giving advice. 

Ross Geller, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani chat while sitting in the living room of Monica's apartment during a scene in 'Friends'
Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, and Joey Tribbiani in ‘Friends’ | Warner Bros. Television

Instead of being honest with Chandler about what he saw, Joey offered Chandler two of the worst birthday gift ideas ever suggested. First, he told Chandler to get Janice gum because “girls love gum.” When Chandler rejected the idea, he advised him to get her a barium enema because it seemed “serious.”

Joey suggested Rachel takes off her bra to show Joshua she was into him

Joey’s bad relationship advice wasn’t confined to the guys of the group. Every so often, one of the ladies would go to Joey for some advice, or he’d offer it up unsolicited. His schemes rarely worked out. In season 4, upset by Ross’s budding relationship with Emily, Rachel Green attempted to pursue Joshua, a guy she met at work. Unsure of how to show interest without showing interest, she sought out advice from her pals. 


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In a decidedly clever moment, Joey recalled a movie scene where a woman takes her bra off from under her shirt. He insisted it was sexy and was the perfect way to show interest without actually saying it. Fresh out of idea’s Rachel tried it, but the results weren’t exactly what she was expecting.