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The Friends reunion was heavily anticipated and even broke records in the United Kingdom. The special’s popularity speaks volumes of the popularity of the series itself and its replay value. Fans of the famed sitcom insist there are several episodes they can rewatch again and again, but there are also episodes many fans skip. While fans are skipping over some pretty mundane episodes, they are also hitting the next button on some important moments in Friends history.

Some ‘Friends’ fans are skipping the moment Ross and Rachel call it quits

Ross and Rachel’s breakup in season 3 of Friends was pretty heart-wrenching. In 1997, when the episode originally aired, fans assumed Ross and Rachel would end up together. Seeing Ross sleep with someone else and watching Rachel’s reaction was a bit traumatic for some viewers. One Reddit user points out that they consistently skip the Friends episode, and several others admitted to doing the same.

While some fans are skipping the monumental episode, it isn’t exactly a hated one. According to IMDb, users have rated “The One With the Morning After” a 9.1 out of 10 stars. The episode is the 20th most popular episode of the series. Perhaps fans are skipping it because the breakup is just a bit too realistic. Still, it’s an important part of Friends history.

Not all ‘Friends’ fans are in love with the flashback episodes

The creators of Friends were not shy about sharing information about the characters’ pasts. Everyone knew that Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay had turbulent childhoods early on in the series. Viewers were clued into Ross Geller, Monica Geller, and Rachel Green’s upbringings in season 1, too. The production team often relied on flashbacks to explain how the past led the friends to the present day.  

a scene from the 'Friends' pilot episode
‘Friends’ pilot episode | NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While it was an interesting production choice, fans didn’t exactly appreciate it. Many fans of the series note that the flashback episodes often fell flat and were confusing to follow. The flashbacks also managed to introduce several plot holes. For example, in a Thanksgiving flashback, Rachel meets Chandler for the first time. She also meets him again in another flashback scene. Still, in the pilot episode, Rachel had to be introduced to Chandler. Both acted as if they’d never met. But while the episodes aren’t exactly beloved, they provide a bit of history and are important for first-time viewers to see.

Some ‘Friends’ fans think ‘The One Where No One Proposes’ is pointless

Much of season 8 of Friends was dedicated to Rachel’s pregnancy. When she finally gave birth to Emma in the season 9 premiere, Joey accidentally proposed when he found a ring that Judy Geller had given Ross. Much hilarity ensued. While the storyline had the potential of injecting a little light drama into the show, some fans think the arc is too ridiculous and serves absolutely no purpose.


‘Friends’: Rachel Green Cleared Up The “Break” Debate In Season 3 and No One Noticed

While many fans skip the Friends episode altogether, it isn’t the least liked episode of the series. That distinction goes to “The One With the Invitation.” The 1998 Friends episode revolved around whether Ross was going to invite Rachel to his wedding to Emily. “The One Where No One Proposes” has a decidedly middle-of-the-pack rating, according to IMDb. Still, it’s not one that viewers often turn to, even though it was pretty monumental.