‘Friends’ Producers Had a Problem With Phoebe’s Legs, According to 1 Fan Theory

The deep-dive analysis of Friends continues, which now picks up in earnest thanks to the show coming to HBO Max for exclusive streaming. Along with this comes some interesting observations, including the particular fashions of each of the characters.

A few thoughts might also be a bit misguided, as in wondering why Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) never showed more leg. Someone on social media recently wondered whether the show’s producers secretly had some kind of problem with her legs.

Other fans came in to give more logic to answering this. If going by the individuality of each character, it starts to make sense why Phoebe never flashed her legs very often.

Why did Phoebe usually wear long pants in every episode?

Lisa Kudrow on the red carpet
Lisa Kudrow | JC Olivera/WireImage

As trifling as this argument might be, someone on Quora asked a serious question about why Phoebe never wore shorts on Friends. Since Rachel and Monica oftentimes wore skimpier clothes and Phoebe hardly ever did, the question might look valid from the outset.

At the same time, it might be a bit of an insult since Lisa Kudrow has shown leg in other projects and looked great. It seems there really is a rational explanation behind Phoebe always wearing long dresses rather than anything shorter.

Explaining this comes down to understanding who Phoebe is as a character. Fans might forget she came from a Bohemian lifestyle, which usually means a specific dress code, according to Insider.

Yes, some might even look at this as being “Hippie”, something that was in again during the ’90s when Friends was just beginning.

The fashion look of Phoebe personified her personality


To keep things consistent, Phoebe’s Bohemian lifestyle meant usually wearing long dresses and skirts. During the ’90s, the Hippie styles of the late ’60s/early ’70s had a bit of a comeback anyway, making Phoebe’s style fairly hip at the time.

She was basically wearing what her own mother might have worn 25 years earlier if part of the counterculture. This is all backed up by numerous responses to the above Quota question.

Said one user: “It is unlikely the ‘Friends’ producers had a problem with Phoebe’s legs because they are fabulous. I admire her clothes and appreciate that Phoebe has a style of her own. Much like her personality, her choice in clothing and accessories leans toward warm Bohemian. Short trendy dresses and mini skirts are not the Phoebe that we all know and love.”

For someone who never understood these styles, or maybe not alive in either era, this might look perplexing as if the showrunners really did hate Kudrow’s legs. Everyone should get a look at Kudrow showing leg in other projects away from Friends.

Lisa Kudrow showing off her legs on the big screen


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If you have to find a place where Kudrow finally showed some leg, simply turn to the movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Those needing proof of what Kudrow’s legs look like will get plenty in that film. And, if one has never seen the film, her legs are shapely.

Plenty of publicity shots from over the years also allowed her to show off leg. Regardless, the leg question might come up again and again as each new generation discovers Friends.

Rather than over-sexualize each of the women, it proves the showrunners had thoughtful ways to make each character stand apart. Nobody can watch the show now and not be able to distinguish the personality of each character based exactly on what they wear.

When rumors of a Friends reboot occurred recently, Kudrow was quick to say the new characters would likely be more diverse. At the same time, it gives pause to realize all the women might be forced to show leg nowadays when Bohemian styles are likely considered a little archaic.