This Amazing Scene Was Cut From ‘Frozen 2’

Just when we thought nothing could top, 2013’s Frozen, it’s highly anticipated sequel Frozen II came barreling through our lives late last year and nothing has been the same.

Frozen II follows Queen Elsa (Idina Mezel), who after hearing a mysterious voice calling out to her embarks on a marvelous quest with her sister, Anna (Kristen Bell) and their trio of guys — Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad) and Sven the reindeer. As the sisters and their group leave Arendelle behind, traveling through the enchanted forests and dark sea we got a lot more backstory about Anna and Elsa.

Though Frozen II was just released around Thanksgiving 2019 it is now the highest-grossing animated film of all time. And yet, despite the magical adventure of the movie, some amazing scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

This is what we know about a potential ‘Frozen 3’

People live for Anna and Elsam and Disney certainly likes to make their money. Frozen 2 smashed box office records. The sequel even beat out 2013’s Frozen as the highest-grossing animated movie ever. 

The sequel brought in $130 million to the U.S. box office and $228.2 million overseas on its opening weekend. It is the highest-earning global debut for an animated movie. 

However, if we are going to get a Frozen 3, it’s going to be up to Kristen Bell. “[Kristen] is so talented. She was instrumental to Anna’s journey,” writer/director Jennifer Lee told Hollywood Life. “I’m so proud that she joined us on saying, ‘Look, Anna’s … you look to her as the optimist [but] we all go through struggles. I have struggles every day, and I choose to be this way, and get up off the floor and never give up, and that was the journey that Anna should have.’ And we agreed. So she’s been an incredible partner in it, so maybe she has a good idea [for Frozen 3].”

Sterling K. Brown’s musical number was cut from Frozen 2

In Frozen II our beloved Sterling K. Brown played Mattias, the leader of a group of Arendelle soldiers who were trapped in the enchanted forest for over thirty years. In fact, the This Is Us star even recorded a musical number which was ultimately dropped from the final cut of the film.

“I do not sing in the film, but I had to sing for the audition because there was a song that I was going to sing that ultimately they felt didn’t fit in with the story,” Brown revealed to Yahoo Entertainment. “It was about when they first meet when they get to the enchanted forest and he meets them. Originally, he was in the forest by himself, isolated, and only had himself to talk to. So I would have scenes where I talk to myself and the whole thing, and then someone like Anna would chime in and I’d be like, ‘I didn’t say that. Did I say that?’ It was interesting interplay, because I’d never heard another voice. So that went away and the song had to be re-conceived.”

‘Home’ was cut from ‘Frozen 2’

In addition to Brown’s song, a song by Kristen Bell’s Anna never made it to the final cut of the movie either.

In the clip Ana sings, “Wandering through the town with everyone doing all of their stuff, Somewhere in my heart I feel, I’ve not yet done enough, Somewhere in my heart I feel, I’ve not yet done enough. For these people I know, this place that I love so, my home, my home.”

Originally, “Home” was supposed to be the opening number for Frozen II. “The subtext of it was, ‘I am super scared to lose all this stuff. … All my family,'” songwriter Bobby Lopez explained. “And what we realized then was, even though there was some of that that was right, we had completely ignored setting up the other characters. Elsa and Kristoff and Olaf, and we needed to lose that.”

Bobby and Kristen Lopez decided to switch it out the song for “Some Things Never Change,” which includes Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Elsa. “Everyone got a little verse and we didn’t have to do any extra exposition that slowed down the beginning,” Bobby Lopez explained.