‘Full House’ Bob Saget Had 1 Real Dad-Like Duty With His On-Screen Kids

Full House was a family sitcom that ran on ABC for eight seasons from 1987 to 1995. It followed Danny Tanner, his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, and the two uncles who moved in to help him raise the girls after their mother passed.

Family-friendly but unafraid to show dysfunction, the show was beloved by audiences despite being panned by many critics. Many identified with the way the family battled through all sorts of difficulties, sometimes while fighting, but always managed to come back together in the end.

Full House was a hit in its time and has had many devoted fans ever since. It was also the show that launched the careers of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twin child actresses who later went on to become billionaire fashion moguls.

It also featured Lori Laughlin, who was recently embroiled in a college admissions scandal but played Aunt Becky on the show.

The popularity of Full House among nostalgic millennials also earned the show an Olsen-less spinoff/reboot called Fuller House, which came out on Netflix in 2016.

Bob Saget played the lovable family patriarch, Danny Tanner

Bob Saget
Bob Saget | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

If you recognize Bob Saget from the show, you’ll already know that he played Danny Tanner, the widower who leans on his close friend Joey and his brother-in-law Jesse to help him make sure his daughters have a loving and full home.

This made him the father of the oldest daughter D.J, played by Candace Cameron, middle daughter Stephanie, played by Jodie Sweetin, and youngest daughter Michelle, who was played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who switched off while filming the one role.

As a character, Danny Tanner was a neat freak who kept his house tidy and in order to better serve his family. He was also a loving dad who would do anything for his kids.

But while those character traits describe Danny, not Saget…could it be that spending so much time with his sitcom daughters eventually meant Saget took on a fatherly role to his on-screen kids in real life, too?

Saget often went into dad mode when it came to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

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The Olsen twins took turns playing Michelle Tanner in order for the show to comply with child actor laws about hours worked.

Still, regardless of which one was on set, in the really early years that still meant having a real-life baby running around  — and there weren’t always enough people on hand to cover every duty that required.

It’s a good thing that Bob Saget was around though because he ended up taking on a task that only a father could love: diaper duty.

Yep, either Saget was always method acting as the Olsens’ dad, or he was simply sometimes the only person on hand who could change a diaper real quick, according to Ranker, so he often had to do this for the Olsens…just like a real dad would.

Not every cast member took so kindly to the Olsens

Apparently John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse had a serious issue with the Olsen twins — so much so that he even tried to get them fired once, but audiences were already pretty attached.

Even though they were literal babies at the time, Stamos apparently couldn’t hang with the fact that they would do predictable baby things like cry on set, throw tantrums, and generally cause chaos. As they got older, they also often had to be bribed with candy, too, which left a lot of people feeling like they hindered production.

However between that, the rampant lewd behavior on set, and the fact that Dave Coullier (Uncle Joey) was apparently constantly ripping the world’s worst farts, we’re going to take a wild guess and assume the Olsens weren’t the main reason that working on the set of Full House was apparently kind of the worst.

Frankly, having to change a few dirty diapers almost seems normal in that context.