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Although there were plenty of people already living in the Tanner home, there was always room for more love, friendship, and family. During one episode of this sitcom, Full House viewers saw DJ Tanner’s cousin, Steve. 

On a separate episode, they saw DJ’s first serious boyfriend, who was also named Steve. Here’s what we know about these characters and the actors behind them.

'Full House' episode titled 'Just One of The Guys'
‘Full House’ episode titled ‘Just One of The Guys’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Full House’ viewers met DJ’s cousin Steve during the ‘Just One of the Guys’ episode

The Tanner house is always open to their extended family. For one episode titled “Just One of the Guys,” that included DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner’s cousin named Steve. Kimmy Gibbler thought he was super cute, but DJ was just excited to spend time with him. 

DJ Tanner quickly realized, however, that her cousin just wanted to do sports-related stuff with her father and the other boys in her family. Her solution? Start acting like a football-playing, basketball-loving guy. After having a conversation with Steve, the two restart their relationship, growing even closer in the process. 

While in high school, DJ dated a boy named Steve Hale

When DJ traveled to Spain for a class trip, her family didn’t expect her to return with a boyfriend. That was the captain of the wrestling team named Steve Hale. Over several episodes, he made himself at home at the Tanner house, eating all of their food and helping DJ “study.”

Although they were young, these two were in love, with Steve Hale even traveling from San Francisco to Disney World to be with his girlfriend.

These characters broke up during the “Love on the Rocks” episode, after realizing their relationship was growing weaker. However, Steve Hale returned when DJ needed a date for her senior prom.


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Were Steve Hale and DJ’s cousin Steve the same person

Although they share the same name, these Full House characters are not the same person. DJ’s cousin Steve was actually portrayed by her real-life brother, Kirk Cameron. This cousin has a pretty big impact on DJ Tanner and her relationship with the boys in her family. 

Cousin Steve only appears in one episode of this sitcom. Steve Hale, on the other hand, was portrayed by Scott Weinger for several episodes. 

This actor even made a reappearance in the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House. After reuniting with his high school sweetheart, Steve proposed. The two eventually got married alongside Stephanie Tanner and DJ’s childhood best friend, Kimmy Gibbler. 

Full House, with some episodes featuring Steve Hale and DJ Tanner, is available on Hulu. Episodes of this Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform.