‘Full House’: What Episode Had ‘Girl Talk,’ Stephanie’s Band?

With their debut cover of “I Saw the Sign,” Stephanie Tanner and her band, Girl Talk, made a “smash” at Uncle Jesse’s club. Years later, the group reunited on Netflix’s spinoff series, Fuller House

'Full House' Episode titled 'Match Maker Michelle'
‘Full House’ Episode titled ‘Match Maker Michelle’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Stephanie Tanner made a band during season 8 of ‘Full House’

She was the middle child, but Stephanie Tanner was still always stealing the spotlight. She got a job in a commercial that DJ wanted. As one of the best dancers in her class, Stephanie’s teacher even though she could do it professionally. 

Stephanie also helped choreograph one of Michelle’s musicals. As Stephanie got older, she continued to show some interest in music. 

She even formed a band with Kimmy Gibbler, a girl named Melissa, and one of Stephanie’s best friends, Gia, portrayed by Marla Sokoloff. The group, named “Girl Talk,” formed in the season 8 episode titled, “We Got the Beat.”

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Uncle Jesse tried to coach Stephanie, Gia, and Kimmy

When Girl Talk heard about a talent show at the Smash Club, they definitely wanted to perform. With the help of Uncle Jesse, a real musician, they figured they couldn’t lose.

The problem was that they didn’t want to hear his advice. While he encouraged the band to practice, Stephanie and her friends wanted to focus on their “look.”

After yelling at the group, Stephanie was ready to prove her uncle wrong, saying, “I know what you’re thinking, Uncle Jesse. But we’re gonna show you. And we’re gonna be great out here. And you’re gonna be sorry about the way you treated us.”

When they finally performed “I Saw the Sign” at the Smash Club, it was a disaster. Uncle Jesse was pretty understanding about it, though, as the two sat backstage and discussed what happened. 

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Girl Talk reunited for the Netflix spinoff series, ‘Fuller House’

Although her rocker career had a rocky start, as an adult, Stephanie Tanner did enjoy a life surrounded by music. Before moving back to her childhood home on the Netflix’s spinoff series Fuller House, this character explained that she was working as a DJ

After spending time with Kimmy and DJ, she started working as a musician for children’s parties. She then moved on to write original songs and even got some recognition from a celebrity. Of course, Uncle Jesse was always there to guide her on her musical journey.

For a season 2 episode of this spinoff series, the members of Girl Talk even reunited for a jam session. Kimmy jumped on the keyboard, Stephanie was on guitar, and Gia was on bass. There was one problem, though. DJ wanted to play the drums even though she absolutely couldn’t keep the rhythm. 

Most episodes of Full House are available on Hulu, while Fuller House is available on Netflix.