‘Full House:’ Where Did Joey’s ‘Cut It Out’ Catchphrase Come From?

Joey Gladstone loves his cartoons and hockey. He’s also the Full House character behind the catchphrase “cut it out.” Where does this line come from, though?

Here’s what we know about Dave Coulier’s comedian character on the popular sitcom and the Netflix spinoff series. 

The original sitcom 'Full House' starring John Stamos and Dave Coulier
The original sitcom ‘Full House’ starring John Stamos and Dave Coulier | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Several ‘Full House’ characters have their own catchphrases

Uncle Jesse says “have mercy.” Stephanie says “how rude.” DJ says “Oh Mylanta!” Several of the characters in this Full House have iconic quotes that carried over into the spinoff series, Fuller House, and even the actors’ real lives. 

Unlike Michelle with her many food-related lines, Joey Gladstone’s best-known quote appears several times throughout the sitcom. That’s “cut it out,” a joke that’s typically accompanied by a scissor and a throwing away motion. Although this character is known for impersonating cartoons, this quote doesn’t come from another television series.

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Joey Gladstone only really had 1 iconic catchphrase on ‘Full House’

Although “cut it out” became synonymous with Coulier’s Full House character, Joey’s catchphrase came from a comedic bit coined by Mark Cendrowski, director of several The Big Bang Theory episodes.

“Mark [Cendrowski] and I were a comedy team called C and Ski,” Coulier said during an interview with the Today Show. “And Mark used to do this Mark Suave character. And he would unbutton his shirt and he would look at a lady in the front row, and he’d go, ‘Cut it out.’ 

“And I told him, ‘I’m stealing that. And I’m going to use it in my stand-up. I’m gonna use it wherever I can,’” he continued. “So he thinks I still owe him royalties on that. But you’re never gettin’ it, Mark. Ever.”

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Coulier returned for the Netflix original spinoff series ‘Fuller House’ 

Coulier since adapted and shortened this catchphrase his character on Nickelodeon’s Out of Control, as well as Joey Gladstone from Full House and Fuller House. The character would use this as part of his comedy routine, as well as in his daily life. 

“All of the old jokes that we told back in the day, our little silly songs that we sing to each other. The stupid jokes that we say to each other,” Coulier said of his return to Fuller House. “The pranks. We have not missed a beat. All of that stuff still comes back into play. And somebody can just start one of these songs or one of these bits and everybody just chimes in at the same time.”

Most episodes of Full House featuring Coulier’s character Joey Gladstone are available for streaming on Hulu. All five seasons of the Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform, Netflix.