‘Full House’: Did Joey Gladstone Actually Win the Lottery?

Full House included plenty of practical jokes from the comedian of the family, Joey Gladstone. During the “Love on the Rocks” episode, the Tanner family decided to play an early “April Fools” prank on this character. 

'Love on the Rocks' episode of 'Full House' featuring Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone, Joey Gladstone standing up from the couch in excitement
‘Love on the Rocks’ episode of ‘Full House’ featuring Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Joey Gladstone was a character on the original sitcom ‘Full House’ 

He technically wasn’t related to Danny Tanner, but Joey Gladstone was still a member of the family. He stepped in to raise DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle when their mother died. He also wasn’t afraid to play some pranks on other members of the household.

After being rudely awakened at 5:00 a.m. by Joey as an early April Fools joke, the Tanner family decided it was time to prank this character. During the “Love on the Rocks” episode, the Full House characters decided to tape an episode of the lottery being announced. 

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Did Joey Gladstone actually win the lottery during one episode of ‘Full House’ 

The family bought Joey a ticket with those same numbers and gave it to him. When they hit play on the tape, Joey “thought” he was a millionaire. That is, until Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner threw the ticket into the fireplace and shouted April Fools. 

Joey was quick to tell the others that he found that tape earlier and took it out. (The label that said “Joke on Joey” was a pretty big hint.) That meant they were actually watching the live broadcast, and Joey won. 

After Jesse and Danny dove for the ashes of the lottery ticket, Joey Gladstone shouted “April Fools.” It was the tape, and he didn’t win the lottery. This character knew about the prank all along, so he decided to prank them right back. 

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What did Joey Gladstone do for work on ‘Full House’

This character had plenty of odd jobs on this series, although his main career was in comedy. In between getting gigs, this character worked at a radio station with Jesse Katsopolis, becoming one half of the “Rush Hour Renegades.” In addition, he briefly worked in advertising with the same person, creating jingles and slogans. 

Joey Gladstone also worked at an educational program as Mr. Egghead, on a dating show as Joe Stone, and as the host of a kids’ show as Ranger Joe. However, Joey Gladstone was infamous in the Tanner house for throwing his money away whenever he got it. 

During the “Mad Money” episode of season 1, Joey’s mother found a $5000 savings bond in his name. He spent it on gifts for the girls and, instead of paying Danny Tanner back for a decade-old loan, he bought his best friend a lifetime pass to the Great American Amusement Park.

Episodes of Full House featuring Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone are available on Hulu.