Why ‘Full House’ Isn’t on Netflix, Even Though ‘Fuller House’ Is

Netflix subscribers to see the Tanner sisters as adults in the original series, Fuller House. However, episodes of the original sitcom, Full House, are not available for binge-watching with this subscription service.

Here’s why Full House is currently listed on Hulu’s streaming library. 

'Full House' Episode Titled 'Captain Video, Part Two'
‘Full House’ Episode Titled ‘Captain Video, Part Two’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Fuller House’ is a Netflix original series

The door to DJ Tanner’s home is always open. Well, technically, it’s her dad’s house, but there’s always room for more love. In the Netflix original series, Fuller House, fans reunited with DJ Tanner and Stephanie Tanner, who moved back into their childhood home with their best friend, Kimmy Gibbler. 

This series first premiered on the streaming platform in 2016. Although it has since debuted its final episode, it is still available for streaming. Conversely, Full House is not listed in the television series library. 

According to What’s on Netflix, the original sitcom left Netflix in select countries on May 31st, 2020. Full House is, however, available for streaming in the United States on the rival subscription service, Hulu. 

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‘Full House’ is not available on Netflix

Although Fuller House is a Netflix original, the original Full House sitcom is available on Hulu as of January 2021. That includes seasons 1-8 most featuring cast members like John Stamos and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Full House is, technically, under the umbrella of the Walt Disney Company, with the cast even visiting Walt Disney World for one episode. As a result, some fans expected the series to make the switch to Disney+, along with the ABC drama series Once Upon a Time and FOX’s beloved animated series, The Simpsons.

Instead, Full House is available for streaming on Hulu, a streaming service with a Disney+ partnership and Disney as a parent company, typically known for holding more adult-skewing content. Some subscribers even opted for the “bundle” option, which includes subscriptions to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for a discounted rate.

‘Full House,’ created by the television network ABC, is available on Hulu

While Hulu is home to FX favorites like American Horror Story and original series’ like The Act, it also holds plenty of PG and PG-13 content for younger viewers. That now includes most episodes of the beloved sitcom Full House.

It’s unclear when, or if, Full House will debut on Disney+. However, there are some references to the show thanks to the Marvel original, WandaVision. Amidst their travels through sitcom history, Wanda and Vision found themselves in a similar living space as the Tanner family. 

“It was insanity,” Olsen said with a laugh during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working [on Full House].”

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