The ‘Full House’ Scene With Uncle Jesse and Michelle Crying Is Still Heartbreaking

From facing heartbreak to getting bad grades in school, Full House and its characters had a few heartbreaking moments. However, none quite as sad as the death of Uncle Jesse’s grandfather, who Michelle Tanner called Papouli. 

Here’s what we know about the “The Last Dance” episode of this sitcom. 

Character Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, in 'Full House' episode titled 'The Last Dance'
‘Full House’ episode titled ‘The Last Dance’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

During the ‘Full House’ episode titled ‘The Last Dance,’ Uncle Jesse’s grandfather died

Uncle Jesse is pretty proud of his Greek heritage and, during a few episodes, fans met members of his family from Greece. That includes “The Last Dance” episode where Uncle Jesse’s grandfather, Papouli, came to stay with the family. 

He laughed with Stephanie and DJ and even taught Michelle a Greek dance. Then, he died in his sleep. The news was hard on everyone, but especially Uncle Jesse and Michelle Tanner, although both masked their emotions. Michelle did so at the request of her older sister, Stephanie. 

Danny brings home a boat, with Papouli’s name inscribed on the lifesaver in his name. Although Uncle Jesse announced he was going to Greece for the funeral, he said that he loved the boat and Papouli would’ve loved it, too. 

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Michelle and Uncle Jesse cried during this episode 

Throughout this episode, Michelle Tanner fought back tears, as did Uncle Jesse, who was spending time organizing his trip. All of her sadness boiled up when she realized she didn’t remember the dance her grandfather showed her. 

She skipped school instead of being embarrassed at her “show and tell.” Uncle Jesse found her in the boat and the two talked. Michelle confessed that Stephanie said they had to be strong, so her uncle wouldn’t start crying. 

“Stephanie — she probably thought she was telling you the right thing to do, but she was wrong,” Uncle Jesse said. “I’m gonna talk to her about that. Michelle, we should always share our feelings with each other. That’s what makes us a family.”

Then, Michelle asked if it was okay to cry. 

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Uncle Jesse only cried during a few episodes of ‘Full House’

The two sat in the boat and cried together. This was one of the few times that Uncle Jesse cried during Full House. (He opened up one Thanksgiving about his sister’s passing. A few episodes later, he cried when he thought he was moving out of the Tanner house.)

Although this was a sad episode, it had somewhat of a happy ending. Michelle Tanner returned to school and, with the help of Uncle Jesse, shared her Greek dance with the class.

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