‘Full House:’ Does Stephanie Tanner Smoke?

She’s the middle Tanner sister, appearing in both Full House and the Netflix original series, Fuller House. When she faced peer pressure to smoke in junior high school, though, this character had several family members to offer guidance. 

Here’s the episode with Mickey, Gia, and the crayon cigarette. 

'Full House' Episode Titled 'Fast Friends'
‘Full House’ Episode Titled ‘Fast Friends’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Stephanie almost smokes a cigarette to fit in 

The middle Tanner child finally entered junior high in the season 7 episode “Fast Friends.” She has trouble making friends until she meets a girl named Mickey in the bathroom. There’s one problem — Mickey smokes and so does her friends, including the troublemaking and somewhat dimwitted Gia. 

Gia asked Stephanie to smoke and Stephanie declined. She said she was trying to quit. 

While spending time with Nicky and Alex at home, Stephanie pretended to smoke using a crayon. She asked her cousins if they thought she looked cool and they were quick to tell her no. When Rebecca walked in, Stephanie extinguished her crayon and fanned away the imaginary smoke. 

No, Stephanie Tanner never actually smokes on ‘Full House’

Stephanie wanted to fit in, but she still wasn’t sure about smoking cigarettes. Thankfully, during the same episode, the “Rush Hour Renegades” created a new segment with DJ, Kimmy, and Steve. (The name was either “Yanking with Youth” or “Teen Talk,” they couldn’t decide.)

Stephanie decided to call in as a girl named Olga and explained the whole situation. DJ, Jesse, and Joey talked her out of smoking, and thankfully, her father was listening in and said the same thing. When she went back to school, Stephanie did not smoke with the other girls, even inspiring Mickey to cut down. 


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This wouldn’t be the only time Stephanie got in trouble with Gia

As for her relationship with Gia, at first, the two don’t like each other. Stephanie even printed out a giant copy of her grades and plastered them on the wall. After apologizing, the girls became best friends. They became even closer because Gia had to repeat a grade, again, and joined Stephanie’s class.

Gia was known for being a troublemaker on Full House, sometimes getting Stephanie in trouble along the way. Thanks to Gia’s encouragement, Stephanie didn’t clean her room, even though her father asked her to. 

Gia also invited Stephanie to a makeout party (“Making Out is Hard to Do,”) even though Stephanie didn’t know that was the kind of party she was attending. At one point, Danny dated Gia’s mom, prompting the girls to dream up their life together as sisters.

Even in the series Fuller House, DJ isn’t thrilled when Gia re-enters their lives as adults. The character dated and, eventually, married DJ’s ex-boyfriend, Matt, during this Netflix original. Still, she quickly became a part of the “She-Wolf Pack” with Stephanie, DJ, Ramona, and Kimmy.