‘Full House:’ Who Is the Oldest Tanner Sister?

It certainly is a Full House, and it only grows on this comedy series. Who is the oldest of the three Tanner girls — DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle? Here’s what we know about these characters on Full House and Fuller House

There are three girls in the Tanner family

After Danny Tanner’s wife suddenly passes away, he employs the help of his two best friends. During the first season, Full House includes one dad and two “junior dads” watching after three young girls. 

The girls are DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle, each of differing ages, who are navigating school, friends, hobbies, and everything in between. The dad of the series, Danny Tanner is a cleaning enthusiast and a news anchor at a local station. 

Uncle Jesse is a rock-n-roll-loving, motorcycle-riding bad boy with a soft spot for the girls. Joey is basically a child himself, enjoying the simple things like cartoons and stuffed animals. Of the three daughters, DJ also takes on a leadership role, helping the others with babysitting her two younger sisters. 

'The I.Q. Man' Episode of 'Full House'
‘The I.Q. Man’ Episode of ‘Full House’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

DJ is the oldest sister, about 5 years older than Stephanie

Donna Jo Margaret Tanner is the oldest of the three girls on Full House and on its spinoff series, Fuller House. Because she’s the oldest of the three sisters, DJ experienced a lot before Stephanie and Michelle did. 

She went on dates, she did the Honeybees, and she even performed as “Yankee Doodle Boy” before Stephanie and Michelle appeared in the same production. Technically she was the first Tanner sister to drive, but there was that one time Stephanie drove Joey’s car through the kitchen window. 

Stephanie may be the middle child, about 5 years younger than DJ, but she has no problem stealing the spotlight, especially when she’s little. She takes the Oat Boat commercial from DJ and she lives out her fantasy as a dancer for a few episodes. She later goes on to pursue music, both writing, performing, and dj-ing music as an adult on Fuller House.

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The youngest sister on ‘Full House’ is not on the Netflix spinoff series

The youngest of the three sisters, Michelle Tanner, starts off as a baby on Full House. Fans see her go through kindergarten and even horseback ride on this sitcom. Unfortunately, she didn’t return to the Tanner house as an adult. 

Although she may be absent from Fuller House, this sister is always getting into trouble in the original sitcom series. Whether she’s selling lemonade or wandering by herself in Disney World, Michelle proves to be a favorite character of many fans. 

The original spinoff series featuring DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler, Fuller House, is available on Netflix. Most episodes of Full House are available for streaming on Hulu. 

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