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Country musician Gabby Barrett reached the spotlight when she appeared in a singing competition. After her time on TV, she achieved several major accomplishments. Barrett married a man she met on the same reality show and released her first album. 

A couple of years ago, Barrett put together a music video for her song “The Good Ones.” Overall, fans enjoyed the lyrics and visuals. Some observant viewers noticed that the video heavily features Miss Wheelchair USA 2017, Madeline Delp. 

Who are Gabby Barrett and Madeline Delp?

Barrett appeared in season 16 of American Idol. The country singer won third place and sang during the finale of the following season. She used her performance as an opportunity to promote her debut album, Goldmine

Barrett produced several singles, including “Pick Me Up” and “I Hope.” The latter became the most-streamed country song in 2020. At the 2021 American Music Awards, Barrett took home awards for Favorite Country Album and Favorite Country Song. 

According to Live Boundless, Madeline Delp survived a traumatic car accident and experienced a spinal injury. After working through the emotional effects, she dedicated herself to being in control of her life. Delp later rock climbed Mount Rushmore. Additionally, she became the first female wheelchair user to BASE jump in the United States. 

Delp became more famous for earning the title of Miss Wheelchair USA in 2017. Many people likely felt inspired by her determination to fulfill her dreams. Delp founded the organization Live Boundless to help others. 

Madeline Delp starred in ‘The Good Ones’

In 2019, Barrett released a music video for her song “The Good Ones.” The video begins with a man sawing some wood on his truck. Meanwhile, a woman watches him lovingly from a window. She is in a wheelchair and has a desire to dance with him. 

During the video, the man creates a harness so that his lover can live her dream. According to People, Barrett used the love story with her then-fiancé as inspiration. She also wanted the video to be as authentic as possible. 

Barrett created the project to show that “everyone’s love story is going to be unique.” Viewers may recognize the star of the music video to be none other than Delp. She helped tell a story similar to hers and many others. Filming went smoothly, and Barrett enjoyed working with Delp. 

“Also, she was Miss Wheelchair USA 2017, which I think is amazing,” Barrett explained. “I was so blessed to get to know her on set. She was so kind and radiated such light!”

Is Gabby Barrett a wheelchair user?

Gabby Barrett performs at the 96th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington, DC
Singer Gabby Barrett | Paul Morigi/Getty Images

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“The Good Ones” became a hit after its release. People found the music video moving. However, some questioned if Barrett used a wheelchair as well. They began speculating after seeing her choice for the narrative and lead actor. 

The List reports that Barrett does not use a wheelchair. The country artist has walked on her own during her public appearances. Still, Barrett found herself relating to Delp. While Barrett does not face the same physical limitations, she’s had to work hard to realize her dream. The 22-year-old had to face a lot of bullying as a kid and turned to music.

American Idol seemed like a stepping stone, but Barrett did not experience success immediately. She directed most of her energy to songwriting after many rejections from record companies. Fans hope she and Delp continue to live out their dreams.