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Gabby Windey, and her grandfather, won over the hearts of viewers everywhere during her appearance on Season 26 of The Bachelor. Windey made it to the final two, but, as viewers and audiences recall, the dramatic and messy conclusion to Clayton Echard’s season left Windey single. 

Since then, ABC has revealed that Windey and her former castmate, Rachel Recchia, will both be looking for love in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. The unusual yet exciting announcement seems fitting for Windey, who is a bit of an experienced trailblazer. 

Gabby Windey smiling
Gabby Windey | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Gabby Windey said it was a ‘big surprise’ when she made the Broncos’ cheerleading squad

Though much of the world fell in love with Windey during Echard’s season of The Bachelor, she is no stranger to the public eye or their admiration. 

In 2016, Windey was blown away when she learned that she had made the cut for the Denver Broncos’ cheerleading squad. In her “Cheerleader Profile” Windey explains what a surprise the opportunity was and why she wanted to be a part of the team. After her first year, Windey said she was more nervous about making the cut the second time around as the stakes were higher, but she worked hard and kept her spot.

A look back at Gabby Windey’s cheerleading career 

After having such an amazing experience, ABC’s upcoming co-bachelorette returned to the Broncos’ squad over the next few years. From the fans to the off-the-field work, Windey has always spoken positively about her experiences as an NFL cheerleader. 

In 2021, the reality TV star was even named a recipient of the Pop Warner Humanitarian Award. This honor recognized Windey’s athletic and philanthropic work and efforts.  

However, as Glamour shared, after five successful years, in 2021 she decided to part ways with the Denver team. While speaking on Talk It Out, Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo’s podcast, Windey shared,

“It really was everything I’ve always wanted to do. It teaches you so much, like, teamwork, putting others before yourself, a sense of community, and you always have people that have your back. It’s so much more than dance.” 

Gabby Windey’s ICU career 

People and Bachelor Nation are two of the many platforms that have highlighted Windey’s work as a healthcare worker. She began working as an ICU nurse when she was 22, and though it can be challenging, Windey explained the many rewards that can come with the role. As the reality television star explained,

“… you learn quickly how to have these important conversations that you don’t normally have. It’s already hard as a health care worker, in our country especially, as ICU nurses because death and dying are often in the forefront. But then COVID exacerbated that.”

Windey’s remarkable work throughout the global pandemic was one of the many reasons the star received the 2021 Pop Warner Humanitarian Award. A true testimony to her character, she has vocalized that she is grateful to have a highly-desired skill during these trying times. 

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia will both be the stars of ABC’s upcoming season of ‘The Bachelorette’


‘The Bachelorette’ 2022: How Much Older Is Gabby Windey Than Rachel Recchia? Fans Debate Contestant Age

Never before has Bachelor Nation planned for a season that will feature two bachelorettes. Of course, fans and viewers probably remember the cringe-worthy season eleven moment when The Bachelorette contestants voted between two women to choose their leading lady. When the news was announced, Windey expressed her joy to become The Bachelorette alongside Rachel Recchia, saying: “I’m a girl’s girl through and through, so having a friend by my side is the best thing I could ask for.”

Fortunately, Windey and Recchia are set to stay the whole season, or, at least, that is the plan. Filming is officially underway and Bachelor Nation can not wait to see how this pans out. Set to premiere this July, fans and followers are excited to see what happens on season 19 of The Bachelorette