Galactus Appearing in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Would Have Been a Terrible Idea

The basic assumption still holds that Thanos was the most powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe villain, even if this may not hold water on a comparison chart. One villain forgotten on how powerful he was is Galactus, a character with godlike abilities and arguably exceeding Thanos by far.

After all, Galactus has godlike stamina, strength, can live forever, and is mostly invulnerable. However, he does ultimately become destroyed thanks to one vulnerability, akin to Thanos’s same trajectory.

In the world of movies, Galactus has yet to appear in the MCU. His only big-screen appearance, so far, was in 20th Century Fox’s The Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer. Now fans speculate what might have happened had he appeared at end of Endgame.

A fan wishlist: Galactus showing up after Thanos was killed

The cast of 'Avengers: Endgame'
The cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Over on Reddit, an interesting what-if theory was put forth. What would have happened had Galactus shown up visiting earth just as Thanos was destroyed?

Basic response was one noting the film would have turned into a bloated, five-hour experience rather than its usual length.

Said one Reddit user: “I think it would be awful. We have this entire build up of Avengers vs. Thanos, and all of a sudden, you expect them to work together to fight a bad guy who just showed up and has zero backstory, and put aside everything they’ve done to each other (killing Loki, killing Gamora, killing Drax and Gamora’s family, snapping half the population etc.).”

Yes, that comment was well put, even though it does intrigue at the possibility of how Galactus could enter the MCU at a compelling level. The version seen in The Silver Surfer is still considered a bit of a disappointment. One of the biggest drawbacks to Galactus then is they hid his face in an amorphous, cloud-like formation.

He ultimately did die at the end of that film, thanks to Silver Surfer’s sacrifice. Because Galactus only stays alive based on feeding off certain energies from specific planets, his visit to earth weakened him.

Will Galactus still show up to fight the Avengers?

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Based on the above Reddit thread, the consensus seems built having Galactus show up in a post-credits scene of Endgame would have been ridiculous. A few fans seemed to find it appealing at least. Said one Reddit user: “Would love him to make his appearance. Would also love to see the heroes come to terms with the fact they can’t kill him because he’s necessary to the cosmic balance.”

It seems the biggest beef those opposed state is Galactus should not really enter the MCU timeline until The Fantastic Four are set up. Doing so lines up with canon and the comic books, even if we all know the MCU never follows those arcs to the letter.

One of the biggest problems with Galactus as a villain is he is so omniscient, he has no real emotional arc on why he comes to earth. He merely comes there to feed on earth to stay alive, something going beyond relatable, human emotions.

Most fans would have known this had Galactus shown up in Endgame, providing a bit of a letdown on which villain should come next.

Most fans want Dr. Doom or Kang the Conqueror first

Should Dr. Doom or Kang become the next villains, it would almost certainly set up The Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Based on rumors, this seems like what the MCU wants to work toward.

There could be hints of that in the upcoming Disney+ shows as a direct connector to future movies. Overall, Galactus might be overlooked for a while just based on how amorphous he is as a villain.

Because the MCU still gets accused of not being human enough, bringing more villains with human-like flaws would likely take priority to win over more fans.