‘Game of Thrones’: Are Grey Worm and Missandei Together in Real Life?

Everyone has their favorite Game of Thrones couple. Sure, the fighting and the killing take center stage on the show, but the romances are part of what keeps the series endearing. After all, what better way to get the audience invested in a character than to give them a steamy romance?

Whether your favorite couple is Jaime and Cersei Lannister (eww), Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (also eww), or newly paired Gendry and Arya Stark, you know how important these love affairs are to the series.

One romance that has been blossoming for many seasons is the one between Targaryen’s right-hand woman, Missandei and the head of her army, Grey Worm.

The love between the two is so strong that many fans have wondered whether it is real off-camera as well.

Are the actors who play the characters together in real life?

Fans have been hoping for a real-life spark to ignite between Grey Worm and Missandei. Unfortunately, Nathalie Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson, the actors who play Missandei and Grey Worm, respectively, are not together. Actually, the pair have never been together in real life and have other partners.

Who is Emmanuel dating?

Emmanuel is currently dating Alex Lanipekun. Lanipekun is an actor known for his roles in Troy: Fall of a City and Homeland. The two don’t often speak about their relationship publicly but they are commonly spotted out and about with one another and are no strangers to PDA.

Who is Anderson dating?

If you were hoping that Anderson and Emmanuel may get together whenever her relationship with Lanipekun ends, then you’d better not hold your breath. Anderson is actually already married. He and his wife Aisling Loftus married in 2018.

“I’ll never forget first setting eyes on my girlfriend… because it all seemed to happen in slow motion,” he told The Guardian in 2016. “We’ve been together five years. She’s intelligent, sensitive and empathetic, and I’ve never met anybody who cares about people as much as she does. We never run out of things to talk about and our relationship has always felt very natural.”

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Even though they are in a competitive industry, the two manage to be very supportive of one another.

“To be honest, I’m often the last one to realize how well things are going,”
Loftus told The Daily Mail in 2015. “I’ll say to my boyfriend, ‘Oh, I’ve just been offered this little role.’ And he’ll say, ‘You’ve just been offered what? Wow! That is amazing!’ He’s a brilliant antidote to my tendency to talk myself down.”

Grey Worm and Missandei’s relationship

Though they aren’t together in real life, there is certainly something electric about the relationship between Jacob and Emmanuel’s characters.

“There’s something unique about it purely because of Grey Worm’s situation — his brutal history of being mutilated — there’s a real sense of trust here and that really plays out in this lovely scene where they physically act upon their love,” Emmanuel once told Entertainment Weekly of the characters’ relationship.

“For him to do that is a really big deal and Missandei knows that and doesn’t really care. She just loves him and that intimacy they’ve shared comes to a head. Missandei is always so official and straight and poised so to be vulnerable and see her human side of her, a little off balance, is kind of great and fun to play.”

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