Garcelle Beauvais Asks Dorit Why She Laughed When Erika Jayne Drunkenly Confronted Son Jax on ‘RHOBH’

Garcelle Beauvais from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills asked Dorit Kemsley why she and others laughed off Erika Jayne’s awkwardly drunken remarks made to her son Jax on an episode of RHOBH.

After having too many cocktails at Beauvais’s birthday party, Jayne told Jax to “get the f*** out” when he came to her table to clear off a bouquet of flowers. The 14-year-old looked stunned and unsure if Jayne was trying to make a joke or was serious as he walked away. Later, Kemsley, Kyle Richards, and their husbands recounted the moment and laughed about it.

But Beauvais wasn’t laughing – and she still doesn’t find the moment to be funny.

Dorit thinks Garcelle from ‘RHOBH’ was harboring more resentment against Erika

During Beauvais and Kemsley’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Kemsley was asked why she made it seem like Beauvais was being shady toward Jayne about her drinking. “You know what? I knew that Garcelle understandably was really upset about what Erika said to Jax, and I felt that there was a little bit of a little more of that harboring, some resentment,” Kemsley said on the WWHL After Show.

Garcelle Beauvais from 'RHOBH' sits in a chair and holds a wine glass
Garcelle Beauvais | Charles Sykes/Bravo

“And maybe that’s why there was, you know, bringing up the drinking. I’m not saying entirely, but I think that there was some of that in that,” she added.

Garcelle confronts Dorit about why she laughed when the moment was brought up again

Beauvais didn’t agree because she hadn’t seen Jayne make the remark to her son at the time. “But I heard it,” she said. “Yeah, but I also forgave her. And when I did that, I really meant it. And I remember Erika came up to me at one point and said, thank you for not dragging this out about the Jax thing.”

But then Kemsley made a comment that opened up an opportunity for Beauvais to call her out on her own behavior surrounding the situation. “I think as a mother, I think if I was in Garcelle’s position that would stay with me for a little while,” Kemsley said. “It’s difficult when it comes to your own child. You can forgive or you can just move on from it. But it might stay a bit.”

Beauvais responded, “But as a mom also, I didn’t want you to laugh at it.”

How does Dorit feel now about laughing?

Kemsley said she understood where Beauvais was coming from after she watched back the footage. But she still defended the moment, casting blame on others. “I completely understand that,” Kemsley said. “And I wasn’t laughing at it. I wasn’t the one that brought up the conversation. And I certainly wasn’t laughing.”

She added, “But when I was describing almost defending Erika for her drinking because I had not seen Erika drink in six years, you know when I looked at it when I saw it back, it didn’t seem like the appropriate time to just disregard what she had done,” Kemsley said. “And so that’s what made me feel really uneasy about that. You know, I texted you immediately about it because I felt really s***y. I swear to you. Like watching it back. It made me feel like someone stuck a knife in my stomach.”

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