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Anyone who’s stepped into the role of a step-parent will tell you just how hard and anxiety-ridden it can be. Just ask Trisha Yearwood. She opened up in an interview about blending a family with her husband Garth Brooks and his three daughters. Not having any children of her own, parenting, even in a stepmother’s capacity, was an entirely new endeavor for her.

(L-R) Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks smiling in front of a black background
Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

As the stepmom or stepdad, it can be daunting to walk that fine line of supporter and family leader without overstepping into biological parent territory. And in some families, it can take months or even years for the kids to get comfortable with a new parental unit. But those who can successfully navigate the challenges will tell you it boils down to one honest and sound piece of advice. It’s that same advice that Garth Brooks gave Trisha Yearwood.

Garth Brooks’ advice to his wife about becoming a stepmom

Knowing he was asking his new wife, Trisha Yearwood, to step into more than just the role of his wife, Garth Brooks offered some honest advice about being a stepmom to his three daughters from his previous marriage.

Yearwood shared in her interview with People that prior to getting married to Brooks, she’d never babysat, let alone parented. She said, “I didn’t know what to do with three young girls.” 

The Brooks girls, Taylor, Allie, and August, whose mother Sandy Mahl is the country music icon’s ex-wife, were welcoming and supportive of Yearwood. Yearwood said her new husband was such a “wonderful mentor to me” in guiding her new stepparenting adventure. He told her, “don’t try to be their best friend, and don’t try to be their mom.” It’s sound parenting advice for anyone, too, not just country music stars. 

How the Brooks’ blended family is getting along today

How does Trisha Yearwood feel about her role as a ‘bonus mom’ today? She loves it. She described in her recent interview that she had no idea just how much children could bring into your life. And she says the girls have given her a “lot of grace as a bonus mom.”

Blending any family is going to be challenging, especially if not everyone understands their role. But in the blended Brooks family, everyone offered support and patience with each other during the adjustment. And it sounds like the “Thunder Rolls” singer had a lot to do with easing the family into things.

The country music stars make a great couple and family


Who is Worth More: Garth Brooks or Trisha Yearwood?

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood originally began their relationship as friends in the country music biz. Yearwood was a powerhouse on her own with her breakout debut, “She’s in Love with the Boy,” and now three Grammy’s on her shelf.

Garth Brooks remains the “King of Country” in most circles, with two Grammy’s, 17 American Music Awards, and the title of “Best-selling solo album artists of the Century,” as Outsider describes. But it wasn’t until they really got to know each other as “people” and not just colleagues with country music hardware that the two fell in love. They married on December 10, 2005, at their home in Owasso, Oklahoma, and haven’t wavered since.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood recently celebrated 16 years of marriage last December. And the couple continues to be fiercely into each other, as People reported in another segment. Allie, one of Brooks’ daughters, posted on Instagram to celebrate the anniversary, as well, sharing, “16 years ago today, I got the best bonus mom.” It seems Yearwood took Brooks’ advice. And the blended family continues to be charting a course for happily ever after.