‘General Hospital’: Alexis Role Temporarily Recast With Stephanie Erb

General Hospital’s Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is a prominent character in the ABC soap opera. For the past 25 years, the lawyer has become the go-to person whenever a Port Charles citizen has a problem. Viewers have come to love Grahn in the role; however, they’ll be seeing a new face as Alexis.

'General Hospital' actor Nancy Lee Grahn wearing a black suit and talking on a cell phone.
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‘General Hospital’ temporarily casts Stephanie Erb as Alexis Davis while Nancy Lee Grahn is out

Alexis becomes the latest character to be recast on General Hospital. In recent years, the show relies on temporary recasts when the actors become unavailable. Lindsay Hartley filled in for Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall twice. Former Sunset Beach star Priscilla Garita recently took over as Harmony Miller while Inga Cadranel was out with COVID.

Grahn is recovering from back surgery, and producers found another actor to fill in for her. According to Soaps in Depth, Stephanie Erb will play Alexis with her first airdate coming the week of April 25th.

Stephanie Erb’s previous acting credits

Erb is no stranger to daytime TV; in 2000, she portrayed a patient on the General Hospital spinoff Port Charles. She also played Dr. Janice Mead on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. Her other TV credits include Ray Donovan, True Blood, and 9-1-1.

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Erb will have big shoes to fill as she takes over for Grahn. Soap fans are opinionated when it comes to recasts. The General Hospital recasts have been hit or miss with viewers. Erb will get a chance to show fans her acting skills and already has Grahn’s support.

Alexis Davis faces big trouble with Harmony Miller

Like many of General Hospital‘s characters, Alexis always finds herself in danger. Her biggest issue at the moment is her new roommate, Harmony. After learning that Harmony lives in a motel, Alexis takes pity on the poor woman.

Harmony is a former bad girl whose association with the Dawn of the Day cult made her do unsavory acts. She’s trying to turn her life around, and Alexis sees she’s making progress. Wanting to help Harmony, Alexis invited her to move into her home. Yet, she may regret the living arrangement.

Unbeknownst to Alexis, Harmony’s been in her house uninvited many times before. In a flashback scene from the March 29th episode, it’s revealed Harmony killed Alexis’ boyfriend, Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan), in August 2020. The couple was sleeping soundly in bed when Harmony committed the murder, and the following day Alexis was shocked to discover Neil’s lifeless body.

It is believed that Neil died from a drug overdose after finding a syringe near his side of the bed. However, the police and viewers suspected foul play. Now everyone knows the real cause of his death was because of Harmony. If Alexis finds out her new roommate was responsible for her boyfriend’s death, hell will break loose.

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