‘General Hospital’: Amanda Setton Is Temporarily Leaving the Show for 1 Personal Reason

Fans who have seen the recent episodes of General Hospital might notice that Brook Lynn Quartermaine has a different look. This is because actress Amanda Setton has temporarily left the show, and her role is being taken over by another actress, Briana Lane. General Hospital did not explain on TV why Setton is taking a break from filming, but she has revealed her reason to news outlets. There is something personal behind her break, so read on below to find out what it is.

Amanda Setton
Amanda Setton | Jason Merritt/Getty Images for CW

Amanda Setton is taking a break from ‘General Hospital’ because of her pregnancy

As Soap Opera Digest reported, Setton is currently pregnant, which is why she has temporarily left work at General Hospital.

“My husband and I are expecting our third child,” Setton said. “Despite being really excited and eager to jump back into GH, due to the many unknowns with Covid and expectant mothers, it was advised for us to wait it out.”

However, Setton noted that she will miss being on the set of General Hospital and playing Brook Lynn.

“I love being a part of the GH family. It’s not only a privilege to be a part of such a special legacy but it’s downright fun!” Setton said. “From the crew to the writers and executives and of course my fellow castmates, I have missed and will continue to miss my interactions and collaboration will all of them during this time.”

She continued, “Brook Lynn is a fierce, feisty, flawed, and lovable character — with a heart of gold… She has a knack for always stirring up and getting into trouble but at her core she truly cares about her family and what’s best for them. I will miss her, but only temporarily! Looking forward to stepping back into her shoes soon enough!”

Setton also shared that she is excited to see what her replacement, Briana Lane, will bring to the table. Setton said, “I’m sure she will do an incredible job and will bring her own interpretations to this fun and complex character! I’ll be watching and rooting for her all the way!”

Briana Lane is ‘honored’ to be filling in for Setton

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Lane herself took to Twitter to express her thoughts on playing Brook Lynn. Lane shared that she is “honored” to take on the role.

“Honored to fill some big, wildly talented shoes and step in as the fierce and loving Brook Lynn Quartermaine,” Lane said. “Working alongside such gifted actors and a kind hearted crew on such a legendary show has been a career milestone… So happy to be on board!!”

Another ‘General Hospital’ character is being temporarily played by someone else

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Brook Lynn is not the only character being played by a temporary replacement. Fans might also notice that Sam McCall is currently not being played by Kelly Monaco. Instead, soap veteran Lindsay Korman-Hartley has been taking on that role.

It was revealed that Monaco suffered from breathing problems associated with her mask on her first day back at work in July after General Hospital stopped filming for a few months. However, Monaco reportedly returned to work on August 3, so it won’t be long before fans get to see her familiar face again.