‘General Hospital’: Amanda Setton Returns to Brook Lynn Role Soon

General Hospital has been airing on ABC since 1963. With over 50 seasons and over 14,000 episodes, one would think the show would begin to get stale. However, there is consistently new intrigue and crime happening, which keeps the show fresh. One current character is Brook Lynn, who is played by Amanda Setton. She took over the role, which has been played by multiple actors, in 2019. She had to exit the show for her maternity leave but is slated to come back soon. What might that look like?

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Actors that played Brook Lynn Quartermaine

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According to the General Hospital Fandom page, Brook Lynn Quartermaine is the daughter of Ned Quartermaine and Lois Cerullo. Throughout the character’s tenure on the show, four different actors have played the role. Brooke Radding played her from 1996-2001, and Adrianne León stepped into the role from 2004-2006. She then returned from 2010-2011. When León took over, the writers changed Brook Lynn’s age. She went from being born in 1996 to being born in 1982, thus gaining 14 years of age.

In 2019, Setton took over the role. Setton is a well-known soap opera actor who has appeared not only in General Hospital but also in One Life to Live, where she played Kimberly Andrews, according to IMDb. Some other shows Setton has appeared in include The Crazy Ones, where she played Lauren Slotsky, The Mindy Project, where she played Shauna Dicanio, and Gossip Girl, where she played Penelope Shafai.

However, she had to temporarily leave the show while she was on maternity leave. Briana Lane stepped into the role from August 6-November 16, 2020. Lane announced that she was leaving General Hospital the same day her final episode aired.

Who is Brook Lynn?

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Brook Lynn grew up with her mother, only seeing her father periodically because her mother did not want her growing up around the Quartermaines. She eventually returns to Port Charles and goes by the name Lynn. The Quartermaines ultimately discovered who she is after she spent time with Dillon Quartermaine. Her relationship with her mother begins to fall apart as her mother continues to try to persuade her to make money singing.

In order to get back at her mother, who is dating Lorenzo Alcazar, Brook Lynn decides to get involved with Diego Alcazar. This leads to her getting in a lot of trouble. For instance, she works with Diego to try to figure out why Sonny killed Diego’s father. Diego ends up leaving her for Maxie Jones, who ironically then ends up being Brook Lynn’s roommate in college. Eventually, Brook Lynn leaves Port Charles and meets her mother in New York to pursue a singing career.

Brook Lynn’s return in 2019

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Soaps In Depth has the details of why Brook Lynn reappeared in 2019. It seems that Brook Lynn was tired of her music career and was hoping to use Quartermaine influence to get her manager to let her out of her contract. Her father wouldn’t bail her out, so she sold her ELQ shares to Valentin Cassadine in exchange for him getting her out of the contract.

Ned offers her a job at ELQ, but she is fired after exposing a secret deal over social media. When Ned finds out she sold her shares, he throws her out of the Quartermaine mansion. Brook Lynn then comes across Nelle plotting Wiley’s kidnapping, and Nelle slashes her across the neck with a pair of scissors, leaving her unable to sing.

She decides to go back to Bensonhurst to get some perspective, and when she leaves, she has a pregnancy test in her bag. Fans suspect that the baby is Valentin’s since she had slept with him not long before.

According to Soap Dirt, spoilers indicate that Amanda Setton will return as Brook Lynn soon to tell Valentin that she is pregnant with his baby. Setton will return in new episodes airing in early January.