‘General Hospital’: Cameron Mathison Says Other Cast Members Forced Him to ‘Step Up My Game’

General Hospital viewers are seeing a new face on the screen. Actor Cameron Mathison recently joined the show as Drew Cain, who disappeared in a plane crash in 2019.

Mathison—who used to star on All My Children—returned to the soap opera world after 10 years. He revealed that his new co-stars have been giving him motivation to “step up my game.”

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What Cameron Mathison says about playing Drew Cain

Mathison is picking up the role of Drew Cain, which was originated by actor Billy Miller. He told TV Insider recently that Drew is “an absolutely awesome character.”

“Drew embodies a lot of things that I, as an actor, would love to jump in with,” Mathison said. “I love how much Drew is interwoven obviously in the canvas and the storyline. I love the nature of him, the essence of him, and his adventurous side.”

Mathison also shared he did a lot of research about Drew, including by watching videos on YouTube. While Mathison acknowledged that Miller “did such a nice job with Drew,” he noted that “there’s a lot left for me to create on my own.”

Cameron Mathison says other cast members forced him to ‘step up my game’

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As a daytime actor, Mathison will have to present his best self to viewers. He shared with Entertainment Tonight recently that, after undergoing treatment for kidney cancer in 2019, he now feels extremely good health-wise.

“I feel literally better than I have in decades,” Mathison said. “I feel so good and strong and my energy is up and my all systems go health-wise and I’m so so grateful. It’s been almost two years since the surgery.”

Mathison added that his co-stars also inspire him to stay in tip-top shape. He explained, “I went in knowing these guys on General Hospital, and they’re in like, top, phenomenal shape, and I thought I better step up my game.”

In any case, Mathison shared that he tries to listen to his body and do what he feels is best for himself.

“From a health perspective, on a tangible basis, just to really be in-tune with your own body, listen to your body, listen to what happens when you eat something and it doesn’t feel right, really be in tune with it, because your body could be telling you something. It’s saved my life,” the actor said, referring to his fight to get an MRI.

Cameron Mathison is excited to work with Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco

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Two people whom Drew is closely related to are Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Drew and Jason are twins, while Drew and Sam had a romantic relationship and a child together. Mathison revealed he is excited to work with Burton and Monaco.

He told Soap Opera Digest, “[Drew is] twins with Jason, and getting to play off of Steve — I’ve been buddies with him for a long time. Not close, but always really appreciated him and respected his work. So, to be related to Jason is super-cool, and obviously, working with Kelly [Monaco, Sam] — Kelly and I have known each other for a long time, from the DANCING WITH THE STARS days and beyond. I’ve just always been a fan of hers and now I get the chance to work with her — I’m guessing, considering that we have a child [Scout] together!“