‘General Hospital’: Cameron Mathison’s Wife Will Appear on the Show

In August 2021, Cameron Mathison made his debut on General Hospital as Drew Cain, who had returned to Port Charles after a few years away.

Now fans will also get to see his wife on the small screen. It has been announced that she will appear on General Hospital alongside her husband.

Vanessa Mathison wearing a pink outfit and standing next to Cameron Mathison, who is wearing a dark blue suit. The couple is standing in front of a dark background with gold texts
Vanessa Mathison and Cameron Mathison | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Who is Cameron Mathison’s wife?

Cameron Mathison’s wife is former model Vanessa Mathison (née Arevalo). The couple has been married since 2002. They have two children together: Lucas (born 2003) and Leila (born 2006).

Vanessa became a stay-at-home mother to help raise her kids, but in 2008, she also founded a clothing business called KEA + JOBY with her friend Niccole Kroll.

In 2017, Cameron told Soap Opera Digest that Vanessa has been extremely supportive of his busy career.

“She’s such a hands-on mom and helps me out so much with my work and my travel,” Cameron said. “She’s kind of like my part-time assistant… She’s just so there, so thoughtful and loving and supportive and able to keep us all in line. I say ‘us all’ because in many ways, I’m a little kid.”

Vanessa once told People that flexibility is important given all the different things that come and go in their lives: “When things come up we just kind of figure it out, there’s no formula, we just roll with the punches. You just have to be so flexible.”

Vanessa Mathison will appear on ‘General Hospital’

According to Soaps.com, fans will soon get to see Vanessa act on General Hospital alongside her husband.

“In its latest issue, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Vanessa Mathison will turn up in Port Charles on Wednesday, April 20, as an executive coach named Mia who meets with Drew,” the outlet said.

An executive coach is someone who works with people in leadership positions to help them maximize their potential. Drew is a co-owner and CEO of Aurora Media, and he has been trying to re-establish his life in Port Charles after being away for so long. It seems Vanessa’s character, Mia, will be helping him do just that.

Vanessa Mathison is a ‘General Hospital’ fan

Not only is Vanessa’s role special in that she is working alongside her husband, it is also special because she is a huge fan of General Hospital. Cameron revealed this little tidbit about his wife when he first joined the show in August 2021.

“My wife has actually always been a fan of General Hospital,” Cameron said on the podcast Dishing With Digest. “In fact, when she met me—when we met in a gym in New York—she had no idea who I was. I was a decently-popular character at the time on All My Childrenno idea who I was. She only watched General Hospital.”

As such, Cameron shared that Vanessa was “very excited” about his role on the show. 

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