‘General Hospital’: Cameron Mathison and Wife Vanessa Share Their Thoughts on Potentially Having Love Scenes on the Show

In August 2021, Cameron Mathison joined the cast of General Hospital as Drew Cain. Eight months later, his wife, Vanessa Mathison, landed a guest role on the show as an executive coach named Mia.

Cameron and Vanessa recently opened up about acting on the soap opera together and even shared their thoughts on the possibility of having romantic scenes with each other.

Vanessa Mathison wearing a pink outfit and standing next to Cameron Mathison, who is wearing a gray jacket with pink shirt
Vanessa Mathison and Cameron Mathison | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Cameron Mathison and Vanessa Mathison talk about working together on ‘General Hospital’

Speaking to ET about their time on General Hospital together, Vanessa shared that it was a “dream come true” for her.

“I grew up watching General Hospital,” she said. “I was watching, you know, Jack Wagner and John Stamos. This was totally a dream come true.”

This was something Mathison shared on the podcast Dishing With Digest in 2021: “When she met me—when we met in a gym in New York—she had no idea who I was. I was a decently-popular character at the time on All My Children—no idea who I was. She only watched General Hospital.”

When it was time for Vanessa to work on General Hospital, the pair admitted they had to deal with some nerves before filming.

“We were both nervous. I was nervous. I can tell Vanessa was nervous… then I started getting even more nervous,” Cameron said.

Vanessa added, “I just thought I was going to be a patron sitting in a restaurant and the camera would pan across me. We get there, and there was an actual script. [I was like,] ‘I have lines.’”

Cameron and Vanessa practiced their lines together “for a week,” which reminded them of when they first met.

“At that time I was studying acting, so one of Cameron’s cheesy lines — I always tease him about this — was, ‘Well, if you ever want to run lines, you can come over and we can run lines together,’” Vanessa revealed.

“And then, it turns out 24 years later, we were running those lines,” Cameron said.

The Mathisons share their thoughts on potential love scenes together

Vanessa only appeared in one episode, but she told ET that she “would love” to come back to General Hospital. She would even be up for filming love scenes with her husband.

“I think it could be kind of fun,” Vanessa said. “We would have to run lines and practice a lot.”

However, Cameron is a bit more hesitant about this. He explained, “I feel like if it was my wife, you think I’d be even more comfortable, but in a way it’s like allowing people to have, like, eyes into our bedroom. It becomes a little bit more uncomfortable.”

Cameron and Vanessa are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary

Cameron and Vanessa got married in 2002, which means the couple is celebrating their 20th year of marriage. They have been through a lot together—from having two kids to job changes to Cameron’s kidney cancer diagnosis in 2019. But at the end of the day, Cameron and Vanessa are a solid pair.

“We went through rocky times the first five years,” Cameron shared with ET. Getting through those times, and getting to call Vanessa my best friend and fully enjoy every moment together, it’s been better than I could have ever imagined marriage being for me.”

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