‘General Hospital’ Comings and Goings: The Return of Réal Andrews!

General Hospital fans will be thrilled with this bit of casting news. Réal Andrews, who plays Marcus Taggart, is back on the canvas. The actor took a brief hiatus in January of 2021. And, as it turned out, he went through a bout of cancer.

General Hospital star Réal Andrews in blue jeans and surrounded by dogs
‘General Hospital’ star Réal Andrews | Barry King/Liaison

Réal Andrews announced his return on Instagram

On Feb. 14, Andrews took to Instagram to announce that he’d returned to General Hospital. The actor tagged several soap outlets in his post, and also posted a video of himself reading a script from the show.

“Taggert is back,” he wrote in the caption. The video featured “Back in Black” by AC/DC playing over the video. And, needless to say, fans couldn’t get enough of the good news.

“I’m glad you’re back! Kudos to the person who covered you, too!” wrote one fan. Another fan began speculating on potential storylines. “Hope the guy that was there can be cast as your twin. And he’s Trina’s dad. Oooooo plot twist,” wrote another fan. And still another fan was glad Andrews was coming back because the fan wasn’t a fan of Andrews’ temporary replacement. “Thank goodness because I wasn’t impressed with the person that played Taggert on Valentines Day,” wrote another fan.

It’s unclear when Andrews’ first episode back on General Hospital will air, however.

Andrews took a break from ‘General Hospital’ to undergo cancer treatments

In a report for Soaps.com, it was revealed that Andrews had taken a break from General Hospital to undergo cancer treatments. It wasn’t immediately clear, however, what type of cancer Andrews was getting treatment for.

The outlet confirms that Andrews got his treatments at the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, and that the Candian-born actor faced the surgery with a positive attitude. He also received support from his pastor at his church, Higher Vision Church, and also had the support of loving family and friends.

In addition to his work on General Hospital, Andrews had roles in such soaps as Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara. Additionally, he played Taggart in the classic GH spinoff, Port Charles.

He was temporarily replaced by Assante Jones

As Soaps.com reported, Andrews certainly left some big shoes to fill. However, the role of Taggart was ably filled by Assante Jones and — prior to that — Six Feet Under star Mathew St. Patrick.

But with the “real” Taggart’s return, the outlet is speculating that the show will pick up where they left off with the storyline. “Perhaps now that Andrews is checking in again, General Hospital will finally finish the story it began telling so long ago — the one that has led many a viewer, us included, to suspect that Trina’s father isn’t actually Taggert but Curtis, the long-ago love with whom the teen’s mom Portia recently rekindled a romance,” speculates the outlet.

Fans will just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of General Hospital to see what happens next.

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