‘General Hospital’ Comings & Goings: Parry Shen’s Return as Brad May Suggest a Sonny-Mrs. Wu Rift

General Hospital has had a lot of casting drama as of late. But, this latest bit of casting news is, thankfully, drama-free. Parry Shen is returning to the canvas after a brief hiatus. And though he got trolled for his return to Port Charles, Shen seems to be happy to be “home.” But the return of his character of Brad suggests that there may be a rift in the future. Sonny and Mrs. Wu have an alliance — and that may be threatened by Brad’s return. Let’s take a look at how that may be so.

General Hospital comings and goings focus on Parry Shen
Parry Shen of ‘General Hospital’ | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Parry Shen returns to ‘General Hospital’

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Brad (the character played by Parry Shen) would have his much-discussed parole hearing. That already gave General Hospital fans a clue that the actor would be returning to the canvas. And though it’s not immediately clear why Shen came off the canvas in the first place, it seems like a lovely thing that he’s returning. We can’t wait to see him!

He trolled a fan who wasn’t happy to see him return

After a General Hospital fan gave a thumbs-down to Shen’s return to General Hospital announcement, he took to Instagram to troll the troll right back. You can check out the interaction below.

Well, at least the man has a sense of humor. His fans immediately took his side, but some joked that they wanted to write snarky comments to him so they could get a response, too.

How might Brad’s return impact other characters?

If you believe Soaps @ SheKnows’ latest General Hospital report, Brad’s return will definitely have an impact on other characters. Specifically, his return will threaten the truce that Sonny and Mrs. Wu have, which is tenuous at best. This will especially be true if Brad screws up again.

“Ms. Wu — who it turns out is the given-up-for-adoption son of her brother — went to Sonny in the hope that he might put in a good word for Brad, or at least not torpedo his chances of getting a fair hearing,” they reported. “Interestingly, while Sonny declared that no member of his family would take a stand against Brad, it quickly became clear that Michael didn’t necessarily feel the same way. In fact, Michael said that he would be speaking at the hearing, although he did seem to agree not to pull strings behind the scenes as he did where Nina’s case was concerned.”

The head writers also confirmed that Brad will have an integral part on General Hospital in the future. Even though he’s directly impacting Sonny (and, by extension, Mrs. Wu), he’s also directly impacting Michael and Wiley, too. And though it isn’t clear when these stories will begin unfolding, we’ll definitely be tuning in to upcoming episodes of the show to find out.