‘General Hospital’ Comings and Goings: Soap Royalty Jane Elliot Returns — And Drops A Bombshell

Soap queen Jane Elliot returned to the General Hospital canvas this week. And when she returned, she returned with a vengeance. The once and forever Tracy Quartermaine dropped quite the bombshell on Port Charles. And needless to say, the bombshell left the residents — and the fans — reeling.

General Hospital star Jane Elliot is pictured here in a white sweater
‘General Hospital’ | Valerie Durant via Getty Images

Tracy Quartermaine dropped the news that Luke Spencer was ‘dead’ — or is he?

It’s always a treat to see Anthony Geary play the role of Luke Spencer. Unfortunately, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry‘s General Hospital spoilers, his presence is actually a harbinger of sadness. Their spoilers tease that Luke Spencer just might be gone for good — and not in a good way.

“During the week of January 3-7, total devastation will spread across the General Hospital canvas. There’ll be some stunning updates that break several hearts,” reports the outlet. “From the sound of things, Laura will be particularly affected by this news. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) will encourage Laura to confide in him, so that may be in the aftermath as she tries to cope with what she’s learned. Considering Laura’s history with Luke and Tracy’s connection to him as well, it’s possible Tracy will come home to reveal Luke is dead.”

Now, to be clear, Tracy didn’t actually say Luke was dead. She said that Luke was gone. That choice of words seems nothing if not deliberate. Laura definitely thinks that Luke is dead. However, that also seems like something of a deliberate choice by Tracy, who has a bit of a bad reputation on the show.

But Tracy has a bit of a bad history

It’s no secret that Tracy Quartermaine is a “baddie” on General Hospital. And this will far from be the first time that she committed a grievance of this magnitude. But fans of the show will recall that when Elliot originated the character all the way back in 1978, she made sure to play her evil ways up to the maximum.

For example, take a look at this classic storyline from 1980, when Tracy withheld her father, Edward’s, heart medication while he was in the midst of a heart attack. The medication could have saved him, but Tracy refused to give it to him. Cold-blooded!

But later episodes of General Hospital revealed that Edward was merely faking the heart attack so he could expose how devious his daughter really was. (Safe to say that it worked, though it didn’t really do anything to change her wicked ways.)

The ‘General Hospital’ veteran has been on nearly every major soap

As for Elliot, herself, she’s been playing Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital, off and on, since 1978. The first time she left the soap was in 1980, and reportedly, it was over a salary dispute. She wouldn’t return to the canvas until 1989. But, she ultimately won a Daytime Emmy Award for the role in 1981 for Outstanding Supporting Actress. She also starred in Knots Landing, All My Children, and Days of Our Lives.

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