‘General Hospital’ Comings & Goings: Sofia Mattsson Wraps Maternity Leave, A New Character Shakes Up The ‘Sante’ Ship

This week’s General Hospital comings and goings focus on the return of a beloved actor. Sofia Mattsson is back on the canvas after a maternity leave took her character away from Port Charles. Plus, a new character is arriving on the scene to shake up the so-called “Sante” (Sam and Dante) ship. And Valentin’s daughter returns for more tapings.

General Hospital Comings and Goings focus on Sofia Mattsson, pictured here in a lace red dress
‘General Hospital’ | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Sofia Mattsson is back on ‘General Hospital’

Fans of General Hospital know that Sofia Mattsson has been off the canvas for some time. The actor welcomed her first child — a boy — with her husband, Thomas Payton, on July 26, 2021. Yesterday, though, she returned to the canvas as Sasha Gilmore, and things picked up with Brando right where they left off.

“His mother Gladys didn’t take kindly to him asking her to move out so Sasha could move in,” we speculated. “As long as she can keep his interfering mother in check, everything should be smooth sailing for the couple. Unless Gladys gets her wish and convinces her son to take the job that mobster Vincent Novak offered him.”

Expect Sasha’s storyline with Brando to continue to develop over the course of the next few weeks.

Laurine Price shakes up the ‘Sante’ ship

According to SoapHub, Laurine Price will also be joining the cast of General Hospital this week. And the outlet speculates that she’ll be doing something to shake up the so-called “Sante” ship. For the past few episodes, she’s been playing casino owner Dallas Kirby.

Sam and Dante are slowly, but surely, developing a relationship with one another. The pair — known to General Hosptial fans as “Sante” — have been on the hunt for Drew. And they’re currently in Monte Carlo trying to find the entrapped Drew Cain. There’s some speculation that Dallas Kirby knows more about Drew’s predicament than she’s letting on — and this will definitely test the bounds of the Sante ship.

Soap fans, meanwhile, will recognize Price for her previous role as Dr. Coleman on The Young and the Restless. She was also featured in American Horror Story.

Valentin’s daughter is back on the scene

Now that Valentin and Anna are getting closer than ever before, it makes sense that Valentin’s daughter makes her return to General Hospital.

In an Instagram post dated Oct. 7, Scarlett Fernandez — the actor who plays Valentin’s daughter Charlotte — announced that she is returning to the canvas for a run in her beloved role. Fernandez shared that she’s been playing Charlotte for five years, and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

“The young actress, whose most recent appearance was in March, should be coming back to some juicy material, too,” reports Soaps @ SheKnows. “Not only is Charlotte’s father, Valentin, now closer than ever with Anna but he’s just learned that he’s a Cassadine through and through — which means that Charlotte is, too. (Sadly, mom Lulu remains in a coma.) And the show hasn’t even begun to unpack the fact that Charlotte’s kid sister Bailey isn’t actually in any relation to her at all.”

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