‘General Hospital’ Comings & Goings: An Unexplained Absence, & Cast Members Move to France

This week’s General Hospital comings and goings feature a few pretty big announcements. First, two cast members are permanently off the show after moving to France. Second, another cast member had an unexplained absence not long ago. Who else will be coming and going from Port Charles this week?

General Hospital Comings and Goings feature Marcus Coloma, pictured here in a grey jacket and purple shirt
Marcus Coloma of ‘General Hospital’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

These two ‘General Hospital’ castmembers have moved to France

Fans of General Hospital won’t be seeing two beloved cast members anymore.

Little Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos has been given a case of SORAS (Soap Opera Rapidly Aging Syndrome). Kyler and Caleb Ends have taken over the role from Erik and Theo Olson beginning with the Sept. 28 episode of the show. The Olsons won’t be back on television anytime soon because, according to their mom, the whole family has moved to France.

“I have been dreading the day I would have to write this as I know how many of you dearly love the boys and wanted them to grow up on GH,” she said on their shared Instagram account. “My husband got an amazing opportunity that required us to move to Paris, France. With only three months to sell everything, pack up and go, we had to say goodbye to this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Marcus Coloma was out for a day

General Hospital fans who tuned into the show on Sept. 29 noticed that Nikolas was looking a little bit different. That’s because on that day, Marcus Coloma — the actor who normally plays the beloved character — was absent from the set. On that day, Coloma was replaced by Adam Huss.

“I heard a little rumor that I’ll be on General Hospital this week, getting to play Nikolas Cassadine for a moment,” Huss shared in an Instagram post that was subsequently deleted. He also encouraged his followers to tune in to the show for the “juicy stuff.”

Huss then went on to compliment all the “consummate professionals” that he got a chance to work with on that day. He especially took the time to thank Maura West, who plays Ava on the show. However, according to Soaps @ SheKnows, there was no official explanation for why Coloma was out on that day. And, ultimately, it doesn’t even matter, because Coloma was back on the canvas the next day as if nothing had even happened.

Other ‘GH’ comings & goings

Other General Hospital comings and goings focus on other characters that are coming back — at least for now. First, according to Soaps @ SheKnows, Sofia Mattson will be coming back to the canvas as Sasha Gilmore very soon. The actor is just wrapping up her maternity leave, after giving birth to her first child — a boy, with her husband Thomas Payton — on July 26, 2021.

The outlet speculates that the story between Sasha and Brando will pick up right where they left off. “His mother Gladys didn’t take kindly to him asking her to move out so Sasha could move in,” reported the outlet. “As long as she can keep his interfering mother in check, everything should be smooth sailing for the couple. Unless Gladys gets her wish and convinces her son to take the job that mobster Vincent Novak offered him.”

It sounds like things are just starting to get heated over at General Hospital.

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