‘General Hospital’: Could the Show Be Setting up a Big Curtis and Trina Reveal?

For weeks, theories have floated around about the parents of Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) on General Hospital. Fans believed they’ve clocked the direction the show is headed in and are preparing for the soapiest of twists to be a reality.

Donnell Turner, Sydney Mikayla
(L-R) Donnell Turner as Curtis Ashford and Sydney Mikayla as Trina Robinson on ‘General Hospital’ | ABC/Craig Sjodin, Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television

The stage is set for one of the biggest fan theories to be true

Fans have had many theories about Trina’s parents before they were officially unveiled on the show. And although we’ve been told that Trina’s parents were Marcus Taggert and Portia Robinson, many people don’t think this is factual.

The show gave major hints this week by setting up a feud between Curtis and Trina and the fact that Portia and Curtis knew each other back in the day. This makes the theory that Curtis is Trina’s biological father entirely possible. Trina being upset that Curtis came to Taggert’s memorial seems to be the start of not only bad blood, but bad biological blood.

Curtis being Trina’s father has always been the more plausible theory as opposed to Gia Campbell or Jordan Ashford being her real mother because of a DNA test. Curtis’ Aunt Stella Henry (Vernee Watson) took a DNA test that revealed she was related to someone in Port Charles that she doesn’t know and people are convinced it is Trina.

Also, on Taggert’s death bed, he did tell Curtis to look after Trina. Was this because Trina is actually his biological daughter?

Fans are all in for this to happen

If the theory turns out to be true, soaps fans will not be surprised at all, given that it would be a very soap-like twist for this to happen.

“I’ve been thinking that Trina is Curtis’ daughter ever since it was revealed that he and Trina’s mother used to know each other. Plus she did the DNA test that showed she has a relative in town. I’m betting it’s Curtis, her father. Plus she hates him, and this is a soap,” said one fan.

Another viewer tweeted, “Trina: Curtis’s Daughter – The fact Curtis and Portia had a history and part of me believes that maybe Marcus and Portia had a fight, or disagreement of some sort because she must’ve had an affair and slept with Curtis… like 17 years ago.”

“Trina HAS to be Curtis’s. First you have the DNA test that both she and Stella mentioned, second you have the animosity between her and Curtis over Taggert’s death, and you have the obvious palpable sexual tension with him and Portia — combined that equals dramatic daddy reveal,” tweeted someone else.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.