‘General Hospital’: Could Wally Kurth Be Leaving as Ned Quartermaine?

Wally Kurth is one of the veteran actors on General Hospital. Like most soap opera actors, he has been on multiple shows in the genre. A recent report led many to think that Kurth could be leaving one of his soaps, but he took to social media to clarify.

ABC's "General Hospital" - 2016
Wally Kurth on ‘General Hospital’ in 2016 | Michael Yada/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Wally Kurth is a soap opera veteran

Kurth has been in the daytime soap genre for years and has portrayed characters on several soaps.

His first role was Justin Kirkais on Days of Our Lives. He portrayed the character from 1987-1991. Kurth has been in the role on-and-off since 2009, being on contract and onboard as a recurring cast member at different times.

While Kiriakis was his first role, he’s most fans probably recognized him more in the role of Ned Ashton, aka Ned Quartermaine, on General Hospital. He went to the soap after leaving Days of Our Lives the first time and portrayed the character from 1991-2007.

He returned to the role in 2012, and like Days of our Lives, he has been in the role on-and-off since then both as a contract cast member and a recurring one.

Because most of the time he’s recurring on both soaps instead of being on contract with one, he can be on both of them at the same time or at least on a rotating basis.

Here’s why some fans thought Kurth could be out at ‘General Hospital’

It was recently thought that Kurth could be on his way out at General Hospital because it was reported that he was on contract at Days of Our Lives. The report originated on the Days of Our Lives fansite, Jason47’s Days Website.

Jason 47 and multiple other soap blogs reported that Kurth mentioned it on a podcast appearance in 2019 and that in a recent episode’s credits, he is listed with contract cast members.

After the report surfaced, Kurth took to Twitter to clarify his status with the show. “For the record, and because I believe in truth in journalism, I am actually not back on contract. But I am continuing to work on @nbcdays. Happily.” Because he is still recurring on Days of Our Lives, it can be assumed that nothing is changing with Kurth’s recurring status on General Hospital.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed why Kurth’s name started showing up with the contract members, Jason 47 put on their Facebook page, “As we now know, it’s just a brief contract stint (either 13 or 26 weeks). Then he’s back to recurring.”

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC and General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.