‘General Hospital’: Did Brook Lynn Deserve to Get Kicked Out of the House? Here’s What Fans Have to Say

After months of shutdown, General Hospital returned to TV on August 3, and fans have been treated to a slew of family drama. One conflict involves Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) and his daughter, Brook Lynn (temporarily Briana Lane). Ned recently shocked viewers when he decided to kick Brook Lynn out of the Quartermaine mansion, but was it a fair move? Find out what fans have to say below.

The Quartermaine family on General Hospital
The Quartermaine family on ‘General Hospital’ | Valerie Durant via Getty Images

Why did Ned kick Brook Lynn out of the house?

After Brook Lynn returned to Port Charles in late 2019, she revealed she was still pursuing a singing career. However, this time, she was working with a sleazy producer named Linc Brown who had been sexually harassing her.

Brook Lynn spent months trying to buy her way out of her contract, and she eventually found out that Linc wanted to buy ELQ shares. He told her he was willing to exchange her shares for her freedom. Originally, she refused to give him her shares, but after working at ELQ for a short time and being fired by Ned, she ended up taking up Linc’s offer.

As it turned out, Valentin Cassadine was behind Linc all along. Valentin had been plotting to buy up the majority of ELQ shares, and Brook Lynn was one person he managed to convince to give up their stake in the company.

In August, ELQ shareholders gathered to decide on whether to fund General Hospital or not, and Valentin showed up to vote against the Quartermaines. This was when Ned found out Brook Lynn had sold her shares to Valentin. Ned became angry and kicked her out of the house.

Do fans think Ned was being fair towards Brook Lynn?

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According to Soap Hub, who conducted a poll of over 3,000 fans, the majority of people who voted do not see anything wrong with Ned’s decision to kick Brook Lynn out.

“The majority, 37%, are all-in on Team Ned. He had every right to be furious with his daughter for throwing her own family under a bus. She could have come to Ned and talked out the situation. Instead, she only thought of herself and what she wanted,” Soap Hub wrote.

Meanwhile, 31 percent of voters believe Ned was simply acting like a Quartermaine who put his company first. Another 26 percent think he was being “over the top,” but he would calm down later on. Yet, only a mere 6 percent is completely on Brook Lynn’s side, saying Ned should really not have treated his daughter the way he did.

Will Ned and Brook Lynn make up anytime soon?          

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Ned and Brook Lynn continued to have a lot of tension between them. For example, at the Nurses’ Ball, they barely spoke to each other.

However, Brook Lynn also got stabbed by Nelle Benson at the ball and had to be taken to the hospital. Perhaps this could be a chance for Ned and Brook Lynn to think about their father-daughter relationship and decide whether they should mend it or not.