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Many people probably understand that life can be very fun when one gets to work with a close friend or a partner. General Hospital actors Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright have been experiencing this situation. The two of them are currently in a relationship together, and they also see each other on the set of the soap opera.

However, fans who watch General Hospital might realize Ramsey and Wright’s characters, Peter August and Carly Corinthos, do not interact much. So how exactly do Ramsey and Wright feel about it? Would like they more scenes together?

Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright
Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Did Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright meet on ‘General Hospital’?

Ramsey and Wright actually met many years before they both became General Hospital regulars. In the early 2000s, they appeared on the show Guiding Light, where Ramsey played Sam Spencer and Wright played Cassie Layne Winslow. At the time, Wright was married to her ex-husband, so nothing romantic developed between her and Ramsey.

After they both left Guiding Light, Wright and Ramsey did not keep in touch. However, during that time, Wright separated and divorced from her ex-husband.

In 2017, Wright and Ramsey happened to cross paths at an Emmy party. Things were different this time around. The two of them bonded, and a romantic relationship quickly blossomed.

Ramsey and Wright rarely have scenes together

Wright has been on General Hospital since 2005, and Ramsey joined the cast in late 2017 (several months after he began dating Wright).

Since General Hospital has many characters, it makes sense that a number of them might not run into each other often. This is the case for Ramsey and Wright. Their characters are currently involved in different story lines on the show, which means Ramsey and Wright do not have a lot of scenes together.

Do Ramsey and Wright want more scenes together?

In an interview with, Ramsey commented on the few times his and Wright’s characters have crossed paths, sharing that it’s not “awkward” for them to act alongside each other.

“I think it’s wonderful when the writers do throw the fans a bone so to speak, and they do have a chance encounter. It’s happened a couple of times. While brief, I know it’s something we, Laura and I, have enjoyed and the fans have enjoyed as well,” Ramsey said.


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However, he and Wright seem to realize that, at the moment, it would be hard for Peter and Carly to be close to one another.

Ramsey shared, “Whatever scenes would be written would be very protective of the fact that Peter, as far as Carly is considered, is responsible for her best friend Jason Morgan being far away from Port Charles when she needed him, and perhaps in situations that were not happy or fun or comfortable for Jason. So the loyalty between the incredible friendship that is Jason and Carly is real.”

Ramsey and Wright still see each other a lot when not filming

Of course, perhaps it is okay for Ramsey and Wright to not have many scenes together. After all, they already see each other a lot around the set.

Speaking to Soaps In Depth in 2018, Wright revealed she and Ramsey hang out often when they are not filming. Additionally, they leave work together as well.