‘General Hospital’: Fans Never Believed Holly Was Dead

Daytime television fans love General Hospital. Some loyal fans have been watching the series since it began in 1963. The series has aired over 14,000 episodes and is currently the longest-running American soap opera currently in production. 

The popular show won 13 Daytime Emmy Awards, and it has been praised for raising awareness of numerous social issues. In over 50 years on the air, General Hospital has given viewers incredible characters, creative storylines, and unforgettable surprises. A favorite character recently made a reappearance on the show, and fans are going absolutely crazy with excitement. 

(L-R) Emma Samms (Holly) and Nathan Parsons (Ethan)
(L-R) Emma Samms (Holly) and Nathan Parsons (Ethan) | Rick Rowell/ Getty Images

Who is Holly Sutton Scorpio?

Holly Sutton Scorpio has been a major part of General Hospital since 1982. The character is portrayed by Emma Samms, who has left and returned to the show numerous times. Samms most recently returned after a five-year gap, when Holly was believed to be dead.

Holly was a con artist when she came to Port Charles, and met her first love, Luke Spencer when she was trying to scam him. She also became involved with Robert Scorpio–both men played a large part in her life. She was pregnant with Luke’s child when he was trapped in an avalanche and believed to be dead. 

Holly was in danger of being deported, so Robert offered to marry her to help her with the baby and keep her in the country. The two married, and then Holly lost the baby. However, the two grew closer. Although they originally married just to help Holly, they ended up falling in love. 

Eventually, Luke returned and was upset to see that his best friend had married the woman he loved. Holly was torn between the two men, but realized that she really only loved Robert. Holly and Robert became one of the most beloved couples in the history of daytime television. 

The lovebirds ran into some trouble when Robert’s ex-wife, Anna Devane, showed up. Robert discovered that he had a daughter, Robin. Holly and Robert worked through all of these problems, though, and moved to Australia. Unfortunately, Robert returned to the states a couple of years later with sad news about Holly. 

Did Holly almost die in the show? 

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Holly was presumed dead on two separate occasions. Once after a car accident, when she was in a coma for two years. Holly’s family didn’t tell Robert about the coma. By the time she came back, he was married to Anna Devane. She didn’t want to ruin his new relationship, so she didn’t tell him she was alive. 

She was thought to be dead a second time, having drowned on a sunken ship. Robert was suspicious of Holly’s alleged death, so he investigated what really happened to her ship. He is told that Holly had been held prisoner in Monaco, but had been killed when she was uncooperative. He finds a burned body with her wedding ring on top, and believes she is dead.

When Robert is at Holly’s memorial, he receives a cryptic phone call that sounds like Holly–she begs him to find her and help her. In a shocking recent episode, viewers later see that Holly is alive and being held captive somewhere, according to Soaps.

Did fans really believe she was dead?

Many fans refused to believe that Holly was really dead. She is such an iconic part of the show, they’d have a very hard time letting go. Plus, this wasn’t the first time she’d disappeared from the show for a while. It’s not even the first time she’s been presumed dead. 

They do have a lot of questions, though. Why is someone holding Holly hostage, and who could it possibly be? Is it related to Robert somehow, or did Holly just get involved with the wrong people? Who was the burned body that people believed to be Holly? Fans are super excited to find out what surprises General Hospital has in store for them next.