Some ‘General Hospital’ Fans Outraged Over Trina’s Treatment

Some General Hospital fans are outraged by the way Trina was treated on the Jan. 28 episode. Fans of the show know that Joss and Esme are at loggerheads. And somehow Trina got stuck in the crossfire. Many fans of the show believe that the writers could have handled the storyline better.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Jan. 28 episode of General Hospital.]

General Hospital star Sydney Mikayla in a blue dress and matching headband
‘General Hospital’ star Sydney Mikayla | Manny Carabel/Getty Images for Erigo

The Jan. 28 episode of ‘General Hospital’ focused on the feud between Esme and Joss

Whenever a bunch of teenagers get together in a cabin, there’s going to be a problem. Don’t question it; don’t hope for the best; just accept it as a fact of life. And this is, apparently, even true in the General Hospital world. reports that Joss got into a fight with Esme. In the middle of the fight, Joss accused Esme of being jealous of Trina’s friendship with Spencer. And Joss revealed that this is why Esme set out to deliberately hurt Trina.

Trina, meanwhile, called Esme a “drama queen,” and there was a lot of back and forth between the women.

Trina got caught in the crossfire

Later on General Hospital, Esme turned on the waterworks. She cried and complained that Trina had everyone — including Spencer — “wrapped around her little finger.”

“Spencer says Esme has stood by him and had his back through everything,” according to “He notes Trina and Joss have made it known they don’t like her, and Esme isn’t accepted by any of them. Joss points out when Esme isn’t burning down cars, she’s burning down his friendships. Spencer asks Cam’s opinion. Shocked, Cam asks Spencer if he even saw how Esme treated Trina?”

Ultimately, Esme left with Spencer — after, of course, she pulled another crying stunt — and Trina passed out.

Fans are outraged at Trina’s treatment

Many General Hospital fans noted that this scene made Trina look like the villain. It also made it seem like the setup was very racially motivated.

“Trina needs some Black and brown friends. And some Black and brown writers,” wrote one fan on Twitter. This prompted responses in agreement, who noted that Trina’s drink was made by Esme earlier in the show. Esme is someone who genuinely doesn’t like Trina, and people didn’t put it past Esme to slip something into Trina’s drink.

Many fans also noted that none of Trina’s friends checked up on her when she was passed out. This included Joss, who didn’t take the time to go into Trina’s room to make sure she was OK. “Did it ever occur to Joss and Cam to check up on Trina??? Who needs friends like them?? I can’t watch them…my eyes hurt,” tweeted another fan.

And still other fans just wanted Trina to have more Black friends on General Hospital. “Maybe this is what whyte friends do, ignore their sick drunk highly emotional friend to f***, not Black girlfriends! That’s why we say they need Black writers and Trina needs more POC friends!” wrote another fan.

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