‘General Hospital’: Fans React to Ava Jerome and Portia Robinson Showdown, Including a Trina Theory

There seems to be a new storm in General Hospital and she goes by the name of Portia Robinson! The character, introduced as the mother of Trina Robinson, had a somewhat fiery confrontation with Ava Jerome recently. But still, many fans continue to speak about the theory that Trina’s actual parents are not Marcus Taggert and Portia.

Sydney Mikayla, Maura West
(L-R) Sydney Mikayla, Maura West | ABC

Portia Robinson faced off with Ava Jerome

After the death of Taggert, Portia Robinson, the mother of his daughter, Trina, arrives back in town to help her daughter get through his passing. She is a doctor and is often away traveling at different conferences and such.

In one of her first scenes, she comes to pick up Trina from Elizabeth Webber’s house. It is established that Elizabeth and Portia know each other. Many others are at the house at the same time, including Ava Jerome, who is a mentor of Trina’s and her boss at the Jerome Gallery.

Jerome meets Portia for the first time and asks if she can help in any way, but Portia does not respond well, insinuating she does not know her boundaries.

Fans think Ava was in the right

“I feel bad for Ava. One of the few times where she reached out and did something nice….or tried to…and then this ‘mom’ is so rude to her,” said one fan on YouTube.

Another said, “Trina’s mom is a force of nature I was not prepared. Ava did nothing wrong. She stopped by to give comfort and support. I felt even worse for Ava while she talked with Franco. I’m glad he went after her.”

If Portia is aware that Ava is from the dangerous Jerome family and that’s her beef with the gallery owner, others think that she should have acted accordingly. Someone said, “She knows Ava’s background. But if she has a problem with Ava, then why didn’t she stop her teenaged daughter from accepting an internship?”

Many still believe that Portia is not Trina’s real mother

Though Taggert was revealed to be Trina’s father and Portia was just introduced as her mother, many people do not think this is the whole truth.

A predominant theory is that she could be the daughter of Jordan Ashford or her husband, Curtis Ashford. An idea is that Jordan could be her mother and Taggert could be her father and they let someone else raise her because of the dangers that come with their job.

Another theory is that Trina is not Taggert’s daughter, but rather his niece. Many believe that Trina is the biological daughter of Gia Campbell (Taggert’s sister) and Nikolas Cassadine.

Many people have been spreading and analyzing their theories in the comments on the official YouTube video of the Ava/Portia scene.

“I’m still hoping that Gia is Trina’s mom and she gave her to her brother to raise in order to protect Trina from the Cassadines. If so, I really hope Tyler Christopher will come back as Nikolas,” commented one person.

Someone else said, “Is this Trina’s real mother or will Jordan be revealed to be her secret biological mother?”

“You know where this is going, right? Trina’s ‘mother’ is Jordan’s sister. Taggert got Jordan pregnant and gave the baby to her sister to raise. Jordan probably cheated on Tommy while he was on a tour of duty, got pregnant by someone else, and gave the baby away. Oh and Welcome back to daytime, Brooke Kerr,” added another fan.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.