‘General Hospital’ Fans Say This Character is Pointless

General Hospital, as with many soap operas, is known for having a wide variety of characters. Since its premiere in 1963, the show has introduced numerous people to its fictional town of Port Charles. However, that does not mean that everyone has been received by viewers with open arms.

In fact, there was a new character that first appeared on General Hospital a few months ago and was disliked by a lot of fans for being “pointless.” Read on below to find out who this character is and why viewers do not like them.

Fans don’t know why Kendra appeared on ‘General Hospital’

A scene from 'General Hospital'
‘General Hospital’ – Nurse’s Ball | Todd Wawrychuk/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The character of Kendra (played by Michelle Argyris) was first seen in August 2019 as a fitness guru who worked closely with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). We first saw her in the park when she congratulated Alexis after a charity run. After she walked away from Alexis, Kendra’s friendly demeanor turned into something more sinister, and it became obvious that this new girl would become a villain in Alexis’ storyline.

Kendra, indeed, tried to wreak havoc on Alexis’ life while pretending to be her friend. At some point, Kendra managed to poison Alexis’ protein shake, which caused Alexis to be hospitalized.

Later on, Kendra knocked Alexis out and tried to run her over on a highway. However, before she could do so, another character slammed into Kendra’s car and effectively killing her off.

The storyline with Kendra only lasted for a few months, and many fans thought it was short and pointless. One viewer on Reddit.com asked: “What was the point of Kendra other than to give Alexis something to do and to move the plot along?”

Someone else said: “I was okay with that storyline but not a fan of how it ended. There was a lot of buildup for it to come crashing so quickly (pun intended).”

Kendra came to Port Charles to seek revenge for her dead brother

The writers’ justification for creating the Kendra character seems to be that she was in Port Charles to get revenge for her brother, Kiefer Bauer (Christian Alexander), who Alexis killed back in 2009.

To recap, Kiefer dated Alexis’ daughter, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth), and was often physically abusive towards her. He eventually died after Alexis accidentally hit him with her car, hence the reason why Kendra tried to run Alexis over as revenge.

Fans think the storylines on ‘General Hospital’ have been subpar lately

Aside from the storyline with Kendra, General Hospital fans also have issues with a few other new storylines on the show, which they attribute to the change in the show’s head writer that happened back in June. One fan commented on Reddit that “the writing has been all over the place for a while.”

For instance, a storyline that irks a lot of viewers is the one concerning baby Wiley, who is actually Jonah, the child of Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and his ex-girlfriend Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). This storyline centers around the fact that many people believe Jonah is dead, but Wiley is, in fact, Jonah, though raised by people who are not his own parents. Because of the big secret surrounding who Wiley actually is, there has been a lot of drama associated with it and quite a few people have gotten hurt along the way.

However, many fans do not like how the writers have been dragging the storyline out so much. One viewer said: “General Hospital needs to wrap up the Wiley thing. Michael needs to know the truth. Take that story line to a new level.”

Whether one is satisfied or unsatisfied with the recent plots on General Hospital, many viewers seem to still hope that 2020 will bring great things to Port Charles that will leave them at the edge of their seats.