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General Hospital newcomer Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse) is generating a lot of attention. The handsome police officer is sending the hearts of female fans racing. But they’re not the only ones who are attracted to him.

'General Hospital' actor Michael Blake Kruse wearing a police officer's uniform while onset of the soap opera.
Michael Blake Kruse I Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Rory Cabrera and Trina Robinson have become close on ‘General Hospital’

When Rory debuted on General Hospital, fans were curious which woman he’d be paired with. The writers appear to be building toward a romance between him and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). Trina is currently in legal trouble after being arrested for leaking Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and Joss Jacks’ (Eden McCoy) sex tape.

Everyone, including officer Cabrera, is offering their support to Trina. Rory brought her a soda when she was brought into the station for questioning. The brief interaction was cute and sparked speculation about them becoming a couple.

Since then, Rory and Trina have had more scenes together. When Trina was working late at the gallery, Rory happened to be on patrol and stopped by to see her. While the scenes indicate a growing bond between them, many are skeptical of Rory.

‘General Hospital’ fans believe Rory Cabrera is up to something

Rory is winning General Hospital viewers over with his sweet gestures toward Trina. While his actions appear to be of a man in love, many are skeptical. Rory’s intrigue over Trina’s case and suddenly popping up unexpectedly has some fans wondering if he’s up to no good.

Fans voiced their suspicions about the officer on a Twitter thread. “I think he’s going to be a bad guy, remember he was eavesdropping when they were at the PCPD,” wrote one viewer.

“Don’t know if I really trust Rory, catching a vibe about him,” another fan chimed in.

“Either he is crushing on Trina, or he is working with the DA who is over Trina’s case,” another user suggested.

“He might be connected to Esme, an adoptive brother perhaps? Esme did say she had adoptive siblings, so…” a fan replied.

Spencer Cassadine is also suspicious of the officer

General Hospital fans aren’t the only ones skeptical of Rory. Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) doesn’t like Rory hanging around Trina. As viewers know, Spencer loves Trina and is trying to clear her name.

Unfortunately, Spencer’s plan involves wooding his ex-girlfriend Esme Prince (Kristen Avery Pohl), who is framing Trina for the sex tape leak. Spencer has moved Esme into Wyndmere and keeps a close eye on her to gather evidence. However, Spencer’s plan may be for nothing.


‘General Hospital’: Michael Blake Kruse Joins Cast as Rory

Trina is growing closer to Rory as he supports her throughout the trial. Although Trina loves Spencer, his actions cause her to cut ties with him. She needs to move on, and Rory may be her choice. Yet, she may realize Rory isn’t the good guy he pretends to be.

Little is known about Rory’s past, yet his background will be revealed as the storyline progresses. Like many Port Charles residents, Rory has secrets that could destroy his relationship with Trina. Could one of them be in cahoots with Esme to split up Trina and Spencer?