‘General Hospital’: Fans Want Damien Spinelli On All the Time

Bradford Anderson has played Damien Spinelli, a popular character on the soap opera General Hospital since 2006.

Damien was so well-loved that even when his contract ended he continued to make regular appearances on the show. Although he’s returned consistently, fans would love to see more of him.

In fact, for some viewers, they won’t be satisfied until Damien is back in Port Charles full time 

The story of Damien Spinelli

BRADFORD ANDERSON | Nick Agro via Getty Images

As Fandom lays it out, the character of Damien was a young computer hacker when he joined the cast of General Hospital. He was supposed to be a temporary character, but he ended up being so popular that he was made a permanent part of the show. 

Damien primarily worked as a private investigator, a job that put his hacking skills to good use. He quickly became a reliable person to turn to for help with a mystery, which kept him in the middle of many exciting storylines.

When he wasn’t busting the bad guys (and occasionally breaking the law himself), he was often involved in romantic entanglements. 

These romances have been complicated, such as when he realized a woman was interested in him, only to find out that she’d been murdered. In one storyline, he spent the night with an ex, thinking that Ellie, the love of his life, had stood him up.

It turned out that she had been hit by a car and was in the hospital, and his ex was now pregnant. Damien’s love life has been difficult. 

Eventually, it was a relationship that writers used to take Damien out of Port Charles.

His contract ended and he moved on — sort of

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As Celeb Dirty Laundry reported, in 2013, Anderson announced that he wouldn’t be renewing his contract with General Hospital, so he could pursue other acting opportunities.

Emily Wilson, who played Damien’s love interest, Ellie, also left the show at that time. To explain their departure, writers had the couple move to Portland to take advantage of a job offer for Ellie. 

In the years that followed, Damien made frequent visits to General Hospital. In fact, he’s shown up for a brief appearance every year since his contract ended. Recently, during a visit to Port Charles, it came out that Ellie is interviewing for a job in a nearby town.

It looks like there’s a chance that Damien could come back for good — and fans are rooting for him. 

Fans would love to see him return to a regular role

In a recent conversation on Twitter, many fans voiced their support for the idea of Damien returning to the show permanently. 

“I love Spinelli! He’s also a character that’s could never be played by someone else,” one viewer enthused. “I only wish he was full time.”

Others agreed, chiming in with comments such as “I absolutely love Spinelli. Please bring him back full time,” and “Spinelli is one of ALL TIME favorite GH characters.”

One fan added their voice to the discussion, saying “Spinelli, Jason and Sam, love to see it! Give us more of these 3 working together and back to the basics!” Another agreed, suggesting they bring him back in a typically brutal soap opera fashion

“Kill peter and bring spinelli full time.”

Hopefully for the other actors, no one will have to die to bring Damien back to General Hospital full time. But if the hints are leading in the direction of bringing him home, his many fans will be delighted. Viewers will be waiting eagerly to see what will happen next.