‘General Hospital’: Fans Want Drew Paired With This Woman

General Hospital character Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is readjusting to life back in Port Charles. After a two-year absence, Drew returned in August 2021. The big question on everyone’s mind is which of the town’s leading ladies will he be paired with.

'General Hospital' actor Cameron Mathison wearing a black shirt and sporting a beard.
Cameron Mathison I Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

‘General Hospital’ fans want Drew Cain with Britt Westbourne

Drew has been romantically involved with a few of General Hospital’s leading ladies. He was married to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and dated Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). While some viewers hope he’ll reunite with one of those women, it’s unlikely since they’ve moved on.

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With Drew getting a new love interest, fans on Reddit chose who they want to be paired with the handsome hero. Most of the votes went for Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud).

“Britt is the only option for me,” wrote one viewer. 

“I’d like to see him with Britt,” another commenter chimed in. 

“Another Britt vote from me. I think her playfulness and sense of humor would make him more interesting,” one fan wrote.

Britt Westbourne was involved with his brother Jason Morgan

Britt and Drew have a connection on General Hospital. The doctor was romantically involved with his brother Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Britt and Jason became Port Charles’ newest couple and were a fan favorite.

However, their blossoming relationship ended when Jason decided to marry Carly Roberts (Laura Wright). Jason and Carly’s marriage was a business decision; however, it broke Britt’s heart. After Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) return, Jason and Carly divorced. Yet, things between him and Britt weren’t the same.

Although she still loved him, she was hurt by their breakup. Before Britt could tell Jason her true feelings, he was killed in a tunnel collapse while trying to rescue Drew. Jason’s body was never found, he was presumed dead.

Drew Cain moves on with his brother’s ex

General Hospital fans believe Drew and Britt would make a great couple. As viewers pointed out, there’s the Jason connection that will bring them closer. Britt’s sworn off dating since Jason’s death, but with the encouragement from family and friends, she’s getting back out there.

Britt’s return to dating isn’t going so well, and it’ll take a special man to make her fall in love again. That man might be Drew. Britt will see a lot of similarities between Jason and Drew, which will have her falling for him. With Drew’s help, Britt can mend her broken heart and move on with life.

However, she may be heartbroken again when Drew hooks up with another of Jason’s exes.

The writers appear to be heading toward a Drew and Carly romance. Since Jason’s death, Drew has stepped up as Carly’s new friend. He’s comforted her over her latest split from Sonny. 

As Drew and Carly’s bond grows, romantic sparks will fly. Carly will decide it’s time to forget about Sonny and embark on a new romance with Drew. While Drew’s helping Carly mend her broken heart, he may break Britt’s heart.

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