‘General Hospital’: Finola Hughes’ Parenting Style Is Based Off of 1 Advice From Her Mom

Finola Hughes is best known for playing Anna Devane on General Hospital. Since 1985, Anna has been taking down criminals in Port Charles while dealing with her own personal problems along the way.

In her own life, Hughes is married with children. Being a mother seems like a very important job to her, and Hughes once shared an important piece of parenting advice she got from her own mother.

How many kids does Anna Devane have on ‘General Hospital’?

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Anna’s first child was revealed in the 1980s to be Robin Scorpio. Robin was conceived when Anna was still married to Robert Scorpio.

In the early 2000s, Anna appeared on the soap opera All My Children and had a child named Leora with David Hayward. However, Leora passed away from phlebitis after a few months.

More recently, Anna was reunited with Peter August, whom she believed to be her long-lost child with Cesar Faison. However, it was later revealed that Peter’s mother is actually Anna’s twin sister, Alex.

Currently, Anna has only one surviving child.

How many kids does Finola Hughes have?

Finola Hughes
Finola Hughes | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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Hughes’ family life seems to be a lot less chaotic than Anna’s.

She married her husband, Russell Young, in 1992. The couple has three kids: Dylan (born 2000), Cash (born 2005), and Sadie (born 2007).

In a 2019 interview with Soap Opera Digest, Hughes shared more details about her kids. She said, “My oldest [Dylan, 18] is just so handsome. He’s about ready to go off to college. He’s an athlete and he’s got accepted through his athletic abilities into a college, which is really wonderful. My middle son [Cash, 14] is a budding entertainer, but I warned him that he has to learn how to use cameras and all of that. He’s actually really story-driven, really likes writing and movies and film. And then my daughter [Sadie], she’s 11, and she’s just this rocket athlete, too.”

What parenting advice did Finola Hughes get from her mom?

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Everyone parents in ways they feel are fit for their family. For Hughes, she tries to parent her children based on an advice she got from her own mother.

When asked about Hughes’ thoughts on the differences between raising a young man and a young woman, the actor said, “My mother always told me, ‘I’m not raising a boy or a girl, I’m raising people.’ I’ve tried to do that.”

Hughes gave an example of her daughter leading her volleyball team to victory despite not actually being a leader of the team. Hughes shared, “I said to her afterward, ‘Who are the team leaders?’ And she said, ‘This boy and that boy.’ And I said, ‘You’re very good. You could do it, too.’ And she said, ‘Well, maybe I’ll ask.’ I think because she has two older brothers and maybe a strong mom that she sees no boundaries.”

As for how Hughes manages to parent her children while also being a soap opera star, she simply shared the importance of sorting out one’s priorities.

“I just try to do the most awesome job I can in any one area when I’m there. That’s what I try to do. I can’t always say that I’m always on top of it, but there’s certain things that you can’t let slip, like your family — you can’t screw that up,” she said.