‘General Hospital’: If Elizabeth Were to Die, Fans Think It Would Be a ‘Heroic’ Death

Fans of General Hospital are probably no strangers to seeing story lines involving death on the show. After all, mysterious and shocking character deaths are a part of what makes soap operas intriguing.

Although most viewers do not think much about current characters being killed off, some fans recently thought about what would happen if Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) were to meet such a fate, especially since she has had multiple brushes with death already.

General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst
General Hospital’s Rebecca Herbst | Walt Disney Television/Matt Petit

Elizabeth has come close to dying many times on ‘General Hospital’

Elizabeth is one of General Hospital’s legacy characters and the only person on the show who has a connection to the original cast in the 1960s. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Steve Hardy.

Elizabeth first appeared on General Hospital in 1997 when she came to Port Charles as a teenager. Since then, she has become a famous face on the soap opera and has been a part of numerous memorable storylines.

Given how dramatic soap operas like General Hospital can be, it’s not surprising Elizabeth has come close to dying many times since her first appearance. For example, she has been shot with a gun, suffered dangerous falls, been in train and car crashes, and slipped into a coma. She even faked her own death once in the early 2000s.

Fans think Elizabeth might have a ‘heroic’ death in the future

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Elizabeth has proven herself to be rather invincible thus far, but there could come a day when the character meets her demise. On a recent Reddit thread about this topic, fans believe Elizabeth’s death could perhaps come from saving her kids or a loved one—a “heroic” act fit for a significant character on the show.

One fan suggested a possible idea, “Euthanasia. She gets a terminal illness and knows she’s going to die, and doesn’t want her boys to see her suffer. Really good meaty ethical storyline for the actress before she goes, and the ultimate martyrdom for Liz.”

Meanwhile, another user added, “[Her death would] one hundred percent have to be some sort of self-sacrifice to save her kid or something. Full ‘mamma bear’ mode. That’s like, the core fabric of her character that’s been built up to this point I think.”

Who are Elizabeth’s kids?

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Elizabeth has three sons: Cameron, Jake and Aiden.

Cameron (William Lipton) is Elizabeth’s teenage son with Zander Smith. Elizabeth and Zander slept together while she was still married to Ric Lansing in the early 2000s, and Cameron was conceived during that one night.

Jake (Hudson West) is Elizabeth’s son with Jason Morgan. She became pregnant with Jake in the mid-2000s after cheating on then-husband Lucky Spencer.

Aiden (Jason David) is the only son Elizabeth had with a person she was married to. Aiden’s father is Lucky Spencer. It was originally believed Elizabeth conceived Aiden after an affair with Nikolas Cassadine in 2010. However, Elizabeth had a DNA test done for Aiden a year later and found out Lucky was the father.