‘General Hospital’: The Important Advice Eden McCoy Got From Her On-Screen Mom Laura Wright

Eden McCoy is currently one of the main young actresses on General Hospital. She plays Josslyn Jacks, the teenage daughter of Carly Corinthos and Jasper Jacks.

McCoy, who just turned 17 years old, is surrounded by many soap veterans and more experienced colleagues on the set of General Hospital. As such, it perhaps isn’t surprising that she has been given advice here and there. In fact, her on-screen mom, Laura Wright, is the person who gave her one of the most important advice about showbiz.

When did Eden McCoy start acting?

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McCoy got into acting in a bit of an accidental way. While some children knew they wanted to act at a young age, McCoy simply attended theater camp because her parents signed her up for it.

“I was a really shy kid, according to my parents,” she said in an interview with Soap Opera Digest. “My school was really keen on public speaking, and I never really wanted to perform or do any of that stuff, so my mom and dad signed me up for a theater camp. We put on a play at the end of the camp, and agencies came to scout for kids.”

This was how an agent discovered McCoy. Since she enjoyed the camp a lot, McCoy’s parents decided to let her go to auditions.

McCoy added: “I started out with light stuff, like commercials, and then eventually it got to guest-starring on Nickelodeon and Disney shows, and then I auditioned for General Hospital.”

How long has McCoy been on ‘General Hospital’?

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McCoy joined the cast of General Hospital in 2015. She made her debut at Sonny and Carly Corinthos’ fourth wedding in October of that year.

Since then, McCoy has slowly become a huge part of the show. She and the other teenagers on General Hospital often find themselves involved in story lines about school, romance, and conflicts with parental figures.

Additionally, McCoy’s character, Josslyn, also dealt with the illness and eventual death of her boyfriend, Oscar Nero, in 2019. In fact, McCoy’s acting in these scenes went on to earn her a nomination at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

What important advice did McCoy get from her on-screen mom Laura Wright?

Laura Wright and Eden McCoy
Laura Wright and Eden McCoy | Valerie Durant via Getty Images

McCoy is clearly doing well on General Hospital, but she still has a lot to learn about the world of acting. In times of trouble, her on-screen mom, Laura Wright, is there to help McCoy out. Wright has even given McCoy some words of wisdom about what it takes to stay in showbiz.

“She says, ‘Take care of yourself.’ Check in with yourself, make sure your mental health comes first,” McCoy told Soaps.com. “Then you can give your work 100 percent of your attention.”

McCoy even recalled a time when Wright was there for her when she was on set a lot and “not mentally in the best place.”

“[Wright] was such a shoulder to lean on,” McCoy shared. “She said, ‘Go home, take your bath, go to bed, slip into nature sounds – and relax. You have to take care of yourself.’ The thing is, your body doesn’t know you’re faking it. Mentally, you know the story isn’t real – but you feel everything when you’re that invested in it. So it’s important that you take care of yourself.”